Another woman has “married” the government.

A mother of eight has revealed she was warned by police for taking her children out during the coronavirus lockdown because an officer mistook them for two families.

Marie Buchan from Birmingham went to Lickey Hills in Worcestershire with five of her brood for half an hour of exercise.

The 37-year-old, known as ‘Octomum’ and ‘Britain’s welfare queen’ after boasting on reality TV how easy it was to milk the system, said an officer told them to go home.

Or how easy it is to milk the testicles of black gang bangers and have mulatto children.

This is the perversion that welfare creates. She has ZERO regard for her society or race, and thinks what she has done is quite funny.

She gets a life of luxury without work while each of her mongrels will no doubt go on to milk the welfare system themselves.  Being a “family” of nine, they get a free mini-mansion to live in.

“I started dating white men who worked hard on their careers, but this life is so much easier” said the rotund strumpet. Is it any wonder men feel abused and forgotten and are walking away from the system.  For now government borrowing is making up the slack, but as more and more men walk away from the nightmare that is marriage to a woman, the tax money will collapse.

Buchan receives $36478.91 a year in benefits.