The America I remember was more like the video below.  I don’t think they would be successful today. No African beat. No Yowlin and Screamin and callin it music.  1968 was probably our high point as a society and it shows. Soon welfare spending caused Nixon to take us off the gold standards and a spiral to our doom and the lacklust drug addled 70s consumed the nation. Brief beachheads of economic activity followed Reagan and Trump, but was not to last. 26 trillion deficit? Our money is near worthless. Bitcoin isn’t stable enough for general use, but soon the USD wont be either.  Twice now the FED has bought up all the pile of shit loans and CDOs that banks issued about 8 trillion worth now. This lets the bankers continue to give big bonuses and huge profits as they can never ever fail in a system like this.

Look at the faces in the crowd.  Smiling. Hopeful. Happy.  I don’t see that anymore in America.


Europanic people all over the world appreciate our unique music. I was surprised how good these Swedes sing Burt’s songs.  The what’s new pussycat singer if fab esp if you realize he’s singing as a native Swedish singer!

Let’s find the things that UNITE our people and culture – American or Swedish doesn’t matter. We are the Europanics. The god head. The font of creation. Burt is 92 this May 12th. Keep going Burt, America needs to keep fighting for what we are and can continue to be.


And now.. I present the Kardashian dating Tyga.  Fine music for africa. This is now happening in America. Because our welfare dollars from our Europanic taxes has bred the negro race here to over 14% of the population and impoverished Europanic Americans.  It’s a shocking look at not our future, no, our present America. Many think this is “normal” and no big deal. I guess I’m just getting old. I remember more peaceful beautiful days when there was real music and not oversexual scream yowling with a riff-track passing as some kind of fake music.



Finally lest you think the black race is irredeemable, it isn’t. It’s simply been hijacked to represent an anti-American sentiment of lazyness, welfarism, greed, hypersexuality, sloth, and violenc.  May I present the fine grace of Ms Warwick to end this beautiful May day.  Even you young’uns have to admit it’s great music the likes of which is rarely made today. Notice that hatred and blank stupidity in Tygra’s face is nowhere to be found in Ms. Warwicks. No she beams goodness.