So imagine you are a sole productive worker on one side of an iceberg. A thin one thats floating on top of the water.  Near the center on one side are 20 spiteful mutants. They are net tax receivers. They have set up their lives to use other peoples money.

Your weight opposes them. So you have to slink out to the far side. If you don’t balance their weight it will tip over.

You didn’t have any children because of the divorce rape courts and the high taxes placed on you make it impossible. The property taxes are particularly painful. Education taxes you pay through your property taxes pay for the spiteful mutant’s children to get educated. Many just snuck into the country to get that freebee – it’s not offered in Guatemala or Nicaragua.  So you’ve been utterly exhausted. But they keep having more and more children, the more children they have the more money they get!

You look back, and there are now 50 spiteful mutants. Their side begins to sink down. What happens? You have no choice but to go to the extreme edge of the iceberg lest everyone die.

And this is precisely what is happening with our tax system, as well as our invisible tax system – inflation. Every years wages don’t rise, pensions disappear for regular working folk, and you get pushed further and further to the edge of the iceberg.

As the percentage of the population of spiteful mutants rises, the weight and pressure on the producers will increase. They will literally get squeezed for more and more.

When we look at the states which have fallen to demothugs we see that they have huge populations of invaders and other spiteful mutants. This is by design. This is how they rule ya. The same is true for cities.  If you put the asians and europanics on one side of the iceberg and the dysgenics and spiteful mutants on the other, ask yourself will this tip over. All the failed cities show this is the case. And now we have moved up from cities to failed states.

OK it’s 2035. The government has overspent so the deficit is 100 trillion. The social security trust is insolvent. What to do? Declare the deficit expunged and simply start over printing more dollars. Inflation soars to 20% a year and taxes keep going up.

At this point the ice berg has flipped.  clinging to the edge of one side as the spiteful mutant population increases and increases, finally you say screw this. and you let go and dive into the ocean. Shortly thereafter all the mutants pile into the ocean as well, their parasitic host now gone.

What does this mean in real terms for the USA?  Food shortages. Housing shortages. People living 10 to a room without heat or water. No people fixing things because that takes producers. The adult babies and welfare queens will find their checks don’t pay for very much anymore. And the productive class? Well they will be somewhere else, dispersed through other countries which don’t have welfare and don’t have property taxes. America is no longer the place to be if you want to be successful and it’s certainly not the place to be retired.

Sadly America was successful because it was free. But we weren’t free because of the huge taxation on everything. So our success has gone. Maybe Mehico is better now. Low taxes, and a bit of violent cartel murdering here and there. Eh, still might be better than the USA.  Or a beachy island in the Phillipines like Siargaw.  Sure Duterte hates Americans, but at least they have coconuts.  Columbia is booming and the coke is abundent, so thats a good place to launch a startup company. Keeps you going through those long nights of coding.  Or maybe dying and emptying out Portugal, now further along in the no births collapse than the USA, rents in the countryside small towns are dirt cheap. And they have the most delicious pastries there!  No in this new digital work from Anywhere age, America is no longer the be all and end all place, and certainly the megalopilis Chicago and New York are just old dinosaurs decaying were it not for their financial and banking hubs there they would probably blow away like sand in the wind.

2035 is only fifteen years away.  Think this isn’t going to happen? Maybe they can cobble together 5 more years. But they would have had to have changed course today, right now. Instead they are printing 8 trillion to pay for a virus.

The lower middle class will become the poor. the middle middle class will become the poor. And only the upper middle class will carry on any semblance of normal American life. The old movies and films of what life used to be will be deleted.

If we froze welfare payola today and ended free section 8 housing, abolished property taxes and education taxes, we might have a chance. But that never will happen.

100 more people are now on the other side of the iceberg. Your fingers cling to the edge as you hang off one side trying to balance their weight. It’s impossible. Because we thought we could manage 10 million on welfare and disability somehow we thought we could manage half our working population on welfare and disability. The America where everyone worked hard is over. There aren’t any solutions any more. Sadly its the meat grinder for most of us. Why? The rich politicos were happy eating lobster and driving bugattis. They were quite happy with skimming riches off the top. The Re-blood-lickins didn’t accomplish even the first tiny steps when they were in power. Build the wall they cheer. Yes, a wall with huge gaps, and no machine guns on the other side.  My nation is dying and I’ve made my peace with that.

The truth is we’ve been replaced. The hard working can do pioneer spirit has been replaced with gibs-me-dat (free money).  Let me relate a story from real life. For years I’d take my pool leaf rakes and get the nets replaced each year. Then my local pool store got replaced by a chain, then the old employees replaced by millenials.  I pluked the leaf rake on the counter. “I need to replace the net” pointing to the big hole in it. A few minutes later, a low IQ employee returned with another complete leaf rake, a crappy one, for $40 bucks.  “No” I replied ” I just want it re-netted”.  “No, we are millennials, we don’t know how to do things” replied the vacuous eyed minimum waged air breather. Ok they only said “Uh… we don’t do that” but you get the message. In truth at least they were showing up for work. A notch above the welfare and disability queens, the hispanicos whos “husbands” work for cash mowing lawns while the single wives get free housing and checks, better than the blacks who say they have a twinge in their backs and stop working at 20 if they ever worked at all, better than the black and hispanic women who have babies just to get on the dole, better than the pinko commie simp men who claim to have ADHD and sip lattes all day, better than the feminists who get fraud degrees then take jobs from men but do no work at all and can’t be fired because companies are afraid. No, these sad vessels were the best of what’s coming.

It can’t be that bad you say. They thought the same thing about Detroit. But when the fires and riots broke out the productive fled the city and now its just zombies on welfare.  It’s the same at the country level, the only thing that has kept most Americans here is that most other nations are worse. That wont be true in ten years. It really isn’t true now.

What kind of ship never sinks? a Dictatorship!

San Francisco 1950
San Francisco 2020