One of the most shocking things you experience when in Africa, the middle east, Asia, is how overpopulated it is.  Or even if not so dense, they have reproduced far beyond what their resources can sustain. We call this R reproductive strategy. Have as many children as possible and hope some survive. This is in contrast to K reproductive strategy which is to have fewer children and invest in them, and then only have children when you have resources. This explains a lot of why the non Europanic races fall to welfare so quickly, they have children with abandon and without regard to what they can afford.

To pay for all this we have taxed the Europanics to such a degree that their K instincts kick in and they stop having children. They see society as unstable.  This might be a lot of the reason why women seem “bitchy” and cold as times get more difficult, but loving and ready to settle down in the happy 50s and 60s, 80s, but not now.

It’s in our very genes. It was THE survival mechanism during the ice age when the numbers of Europanics experienced a severe contraction. Some say less than 10,000 remained. To get through that limited children was key.  But over in Africa it was still warm. The Africans never got the “stop the baby gene were out of food”

So now we endlessly send food to Africa, and they endlessly have more babies, requiring even more food aid to africa and on it’s goes until Nigeria reaches a billion people.

Meanwhile, in the USA, the welfare-ites and the immigrant invaders – both peoples who never experienced the ice age and never had the K gene, reproduce as R strategy.  For a long time we were told it was lack of access to birth control, but we’d easily and gladly donate enough, they still reproduce.

The tax flows away from the Europanics making it even worse. So they clutch in and have fewer babies, women feel like they MUST get a career and work to survive the new harder life and suddenly the population of the nation begins Kareeening (karen-ing?) away from the producers to the slovenly class of misfits.  We have to run budget deficits to pay for all the handouts and finally… our currency will die.

What can be done? Well it’s genetic. So you have to cut off the food. You have to cut off the aid. You probably have to invest in science so you can turn on and off reproduction with a key. Our American free instincts don’t like that. But we are facing extinction.

You could try financially to incentivize the welfare classes to get MORE money without children but I doubt it would work. Give them a bonus for turning off their reproduction at 16. If they chose a welfare path it stays off. If they marry or chose a productive life it gets turned on.  Doesn’t seem likely to work either.

No, we have spiteful mutants in our midst, the more we give them the more they hate us. Despise us. They are “kept down” because we are racist, not because of their own failures.