what the thug!

Let’s show the real thug photo, not the baby pics from when he was 17. Which is all the NEWS will show.


Apparently Arbery has “ahs Nedsa Belt-itis” a terrible medical condition for which there is a simple $8 cure.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — Ahmaud Arbery loved to run. It was how the 25-year-old former high school football standout stayed fit, his friends said, and it was not unusual to see him running around the outskirts of the small coastal Georgia city near where he lived. [picture of arbery at age 16 flashes]

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But on a Sunday afternoon in February, as Mr. Arbery ran through a suburban neighborhood of ranch houses and moss-draped oaks, he passed a man standing in his front yard, who later told the police that Mr. Arbery looked like the suspect in a string of break-ins.

According to a police report, the man, Gregory McMichael, 64, called out to his son, Travis McMichael, 34. They grabbed their weapons, a .357 magnum revolver and a shotgun, jumped into a truck and began following Mr. Arbery.

“Stop, stop,” they shouted at Mr. Arbery, “we want to talk to you.”

Moments later, after a struggle over the shotgun, Mr. Arbery was killed, shot at least twice.

Wait, let’s try again.

Ahmaud Arbery was a 26 year old out of work never employed serial thief and robber.  The press showed us pictures of him at 18 years old, not the 8 years later violent thug.

He was caught running in an upscale neighborhood carrying a hammer in an area besieged by breakins. He had been caught going into construction sites and stealing. They have it on video.

McMichael and his son simply wanted to stop and ask him for identification. Arbery refused to stop.

Travis McMichael pointed his shotgun at ARbery.

“Ya aint gonna shoot me I’ll fuck you up” screamed Arbery, and charged at Travis, punching him and grabbing the rifle. He had been programmed by black society to think all white men were weak pussies. Maybe he was reading “Vagrant Queen”. This one wasn’t.

Justified in his shooting in self defense, Travis shot Arbery.  Arbery tries to run off and falls to the pavement dead.

The dreams and visions of “black power” and “just attack whitey and they’ll fold and they ain nuthin” were the last dreams Arbery had.  Oddly most black men who have these thoughts build them up by sucker punching 90 year old white men from behind. Real heroes these scumbags are.

Travis was justified in the shooting according to the local state law. There is video footage of Arbery punchin him in the head. This is self defense. But … the jigs got uppity.. UPPITY….. UPPPPPPPPIIIIIITTTTTYYY! so they arested the 2 men without bail. Because they need to tell the lefty fake narrative which is nonsense.


A married couple from Maryland ages 85 and 86 were the victims of a deadly shooting BY A BLACK MAN at a veterans cemetery in Delaware.

Delaware State Police on Friday night identified the victims of the shooting as an 86-year-old man and 85-year-old woman from Elkton, Maryland.

Black Man who Shot and Killed Couple in their 80s Won’t Make the News