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Stuart Anderson

NFAP of course is an open borders communist front and Staurt Anderson – former immigration lawyer and writer for Forbes is associated.

Total lies.

NASSCOM probably paid NFAP to write the “study”. All of these kinds of frauds are PR lies. NASSCOM has to keep pumping the lies in order to justify more H-1B cheap labor invasion.

NFAP is a cheap labor Chamber of Commerce buddy.

Wages have been stagnating for US tech workers for 20 years – if you are American and can even find a tech job in US anymore.

The Dept. of Labor simply stopped counting all Americans out of the workforce more than 6 months – so it could claim everyone had a job. In fact, 5-10 million US tech workers have been replaced and sent to permanent unemployment since 2000. H-1B has caused an economic genocide on American tech workers.

In 1998 American computer engineers made around $150K. Today the number is around $80K – 1/2 of what it was. Adjusted for inflation since 1998, US tech workers should be making around $270K/year today. Even the best paid engineering jobs @ Apple or Google only pay around $130K.

Common sense says any time you increase the supply of something, its price goes down. NFAP seeks to deny and twist the laws of free market economics.

There are only 4 million IT jobs in the US, yet 5 million H-1B workers have been imported to the US since 1998. Wages cannot possibly be increasing for these people. Tech wages cannot possibly be going up.

NFAP and Anderson will make up any wild claim in order to derail the revolt against H-1B.

All lies.

If you look at the US labor force participation rate from 2000 – when the visas were massively increased, you’ll see nothing but a drop off a cliff.

Real unemployment in IT for Americans before COVID-19 was around 70%, now it’s near 99%. With that many excess unemployed or underemployed US tech workers, wages cannot possibly be rising.

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