Feminism has been a driving force in a misplaced “care” morality. Child-less Spinsters feel a need to “mother” and adopt invading illegal alien adults and children of a different race and culture. Many try to specifically do so (see all the articles of Hollyweird nutcase female actors who bring on the black adoptions – Brad Pitts wife comes to mind)

This happens because their female instincts have always been to protect the tribe. during the ice ages, survival was critical. Women played a critical role in nurturing and caring for the children. These instincts were genetically encoded. Everything went great until…


It’s true. Being constantly surrounded by peoples of other tribes – blacks, asians, mehicanos, they somehow forgot they were Europanic peoples. But the urges to protect and nurture remained. Thus, without them even knowing it, they began to push for an insane agenda of helping other races to invade and take over, and caring for them when they did so.

Take the recent case of the female Seattle Mayor:

Seattle leaders called on the Washington state government to establish a coronavirus relief fund that provides millions in cash assistance to illegal aliens.

The Seattle City Council passed a resolution Monday encouraging Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee and state lawmakers to establish a Washington Worker Relief Fund to “provide emergency economic assistance to undocumented Washingtonians,” according to the Seattle Times.

City councillors are calling attention to illegal aliens in the state who do not qualify for federal assistance because of their immigration status, but have been suffering due to the declining economic conditions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The measure suggests the Washington Worker Relief Fund should begin with an initial allocation of $100 million.

To them, the invaders rapists murdering thuggies are just “their tribe”. The word they use is “community”. They see themselves as protectors and encouragers, to care for them all. With zero mental ability to grasp the concept that these are DESTRUCTIVE ANTI-TRIBE forces.

“Looking out for the most vulnerable in our community is even more critical in times of crisis,” Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said in a Monday statement. {snip}

The measure sailed through the city council by a vote of 9-0, and enjoys support from the mayor’s office. {snip}

Thus it begins. Herds of unmarried communist demothug women without children adopt the invading and social malcontents and push policies to feed clothe and shelter them. More welfare, more freebies, because they are our tribe of course. Taxes to pay for all of it impoverishing our true tribe? No problem! Because we are all one WORLD tribe.

Somehow my brain hasn’t made that adjustment at all yet.

We are in a fight between feminist agenda false tribe recognition and ice-age laden genetics which will destroy any country that takes it up, and the freedom tribe recognizing people. When America was 90% Europanic it was obvious what tribe we were. But then the women got suffrage and soon EVERYBODY was our tribe. The chinee rail workers. The blacks. America was a “melting pot” except, genes don’t melt. No, the Europanic gene is recessive when mated to other dysgenic races, it loses dominance and the brilliant inventive world creating dynamo that is the Europanic race fizzels out with all the mulatto babies.

This happened with the moor invasions of southern Italy. To this day the southerners are seen as more dim, coarse, and unproductive than the north, and their phenotype shows the non-europanic admixture. And that is only with slight mixing. We can look to India and Egypt to see what happens when the dysgenic blender takes effect. Entire nations missing their founding peoples. And now America is on that same path, apparently clueless or to social justice warrior to be able to speak the truth.

There is simply no way to change or educate the women on this point. Somehow it was never required evolutionarily to detect who was their tribe, their tribe simply was around them. Give it 10,000 years and they will develop the alleles for it, but by then of course we will have been destroyed 1000 times over.

So if the women are helpless, it’s up to the MEN to step up and lead. Why isn’t this happening? Because we live in a Gynocracy where women hold the chains of command and the few men in power kow-tow to them. Can you say IVANKA? It was Ivanka and simp Jared who changed Trump’s idea to block immigant visas during the covid crises. They made sure the H-1A and H-1B invaders got to keep coming, destroying job prospects for American engineers. Why? Because they have NO CONCEPT that they are being anything more than loving. Another issue with most women’s smaller brains is they lack logic / deductive reasoning, certainly they are allowed to skate through an education system never developing it. So rarely do they have a sense of consequences. They have an emotive response. The demothugs capitalize on this and it’s all emotive propaganda, and little if ever any logic or consequences. “We must spend 300 trillion or the climate will change” err.. climate has been changing since I was born sista, what are you harping about.

This is not to say ALL women. It’s a bell curve with a tiny segment achieving high IQ/productive levels. It’s as if there should be a test and if women can’t pass it go back and make babies. We need the babies. We don’t need emotive care based morality forcing higher taxes and American bankruptcy to pay for invaders, rapists, and thuggess from around the planet. Yes it may make you feel good. But it’s killing people for Christsake!