Early this morning an as yet unknown attacker stormed the gate at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi in Texas. Local reports said the suspect was quickly “neutralized” after wounding one security officer.

The FBI announced later in the day Thursday the attack was “terrorism-related” and that the shooter is dead; but crucially an official FBI statement said they are still pursuing another “person of interest” believed to be at large. No details have yet been given as to the deceased attacker’s identity.

Later it was announced the shooter was ARAB.

Why is this happening? They are testing the perimiters. Looking for holes, gaps. They do it to the border, and they do it where we keep guns – army bases and police stations.

One day they will break through and grab all the guns and explosives they can. They they will partner with 1000 of their buddies welcomed in by Demothugs and Karens and all hell with break loose