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The red pill rage is a stage in the MGTOW grief cycle (men going their own way, opting out of marriage and relationships due to unfair courts, rape charges and divorce rape).

But the red pill rage can occur any time we wake up from THOU SHALT. It occurs when we realize the path we have so dutifully followed is a fraud, a lie, a control.  So it’s not just mgtow, its a state of spirit.

All too often, this results in despair and suicide. But make it past this and you will be left in a enuii state, lost wandering.  In my earlier days I called it dwelling. The goal should be to convert this to sacred dwelling, once past the rat race, the goat pulling the wagon to the point of exhaustion, and once past the rage, there is a pause. a silence.

Once silent, there is a possibility to observe the sacred. But, your muscles for that are far too weak. That is why in Buddhism there is the beginners practice. Just coming to quiet is not enough to observe of the sacred. It takes work, and not the stuff they do in church.

If you do not become aware of the sacred, you will become lost in a logico-analytico mindset which is never fulfilling. You may begin to better understand the enslaving systems, but that won’t ever make you feel better. So this next transitive step is very important in dealing with the world, especially a world in crisis, a world where the spiteful mutants are getting all the rewards and you are seen just as a work goat to siphon off wealth to keep  a system from hyper-inflating. That’s what taxes do. that’s why taxes are so high. And that’s why bankers keep getting bailouts for faulty loans and CMOs while the serfs get 22% credit card loans. It’s designed to keep you on the precipice of failure, helpless and hopeless, WORK HARDER GOAT. And most do.

The red pill rage is not enough to wake up from their spell. It’s more like having a first nightterror and waking up screaming. It’s not enough to quite understand the dreaming state you have lived your whole life in.

The concept of WAKING UP runs through sacred literature. What does that mean, I’m awake. No, you are still in a dream.

It is Nan Chu’an’s peony, a Classic Zen Koan (life teaching story)

“People see this flower as if in a dream” says the teacher.

Not in a dream. But as if in a dream. The enslaved state.

We learn more from Nan Chu’an in a follow up Koan

   Nan Ch’uan went to see Master Nirvana of Pai Chang (Mountain.)

   Chang asked, “Have all the sages since antiquity had a truth that they haven’t spoken for people?”

   Ch’uan said, “They have.”

   Chang said, “What is the truth that hasn’t been spoken for people?”

    Ch’uan said, “It’s not mind, it’s not buddha, it’s not any thing.”

   Chang said, “You said it.”

    Ch’uan said, “I am just thus. What about you, Teacher?”

    Chang said, “I am not a great man of knowledge either: how would I know whether it has been spoken or not?”

Ch’uan said, “I don’t understand.”

Chang said, “I’ve already spoken too much for you.”

Chu’an replies in the most important and sincere way – “I am just thus” this is powerful teaching. He is already far down the path. It is not Mind not Buddha, not anything. Powerful knowledge. It takes drunken old men 100 lifetimes to get to such knowledge.

Chang admonishes him. I’ve already said too much. Why? Because you have to realize it yourself. Your freedom is your burden. Only you can awaken yourself, not words of sages.

“And becoming aware of one’s true inner nature, instinctive gut feelings, is not generally thought by those who experience it to be in conflict with the essence of one’s spiritual knowledge, but more of a Gnostic direct experience of the Sacred experienced in the gut or all of nature that is greater than us and is connected to us through the gut instincts.”
― Martha Char Love, What’s Behind Your Belly Button? A Psychological Perspective of the Intelligence of Human Nature and Gut Instinct

The main issue is a rejection of the God of the Old Testament as a false god who made a mistake by creating the world. Jesus is held up as a teacher of whatever school of gnosticism was quoting him, and he is always set in opposition to the god of the Old Testament.

Generally, the true god, in their opinion, was unknowable. In fact, often they referred to him as Bythus, which means “deep” or “profound.”

It is your relationship with Bythus that will fundamentally change your world. We start out as logic creatures. Deep in analyzing and classifying. Deep in thirst for Sophia, our questing for ever more science and knowledge. And we travel that path until we hit the walls of our prison.  We then confront THOU SHALT and rage against, a fierce lion, endlessly roaring for our freedom never to come. And then finally, we transform again into a spiritual being, a innocent child, a newness against the universe, because we know the Bythus, and we are still, and finally in that stillness, we can grasp the sacred.

“They maintain that Daniel also set forth the same thing when he begged of the angels explanations of the parables, as being himself ignorant of them. But the angel, hiding from him the great mystery of Bythus, said to him, Go your way quickly, Daniel, for these sayings are closed up until those who have understanding do understand them, and those who are white be made white. Moreover, they boast that they are the white and the men of good understanding.”- Against Heresies, I.19 (St. Irenaeus)

Wittgenstein also taught of what we cannot know about.

Wittgenstein writes, “Not how the world is the mystical, but that it is.” He elaborates: “We feel that even if all possible scientific questions be answered, the problems of life have still not been touched at all. Of course there is then no question left, and just this is the answer.

“My propositions serve as elucidations in the following way: anyone who understands me eventually recognizes them as nonsensical, when he has used them – as steps – to climb up beyond them. (He must, so to speak, throw away the ladder after he has climbed up it.) He must transcend these propositions, and then he will see the world aright. What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence”

And in that silence, we become open to the sacred, the mystical, that is, to see the world sub specie aeterni – under the guise of eternity. ”

Wittgenstein tells us again in his lectures on ethics:

“I now see that these nonsensical expressions were not nonsensical because I had not yet
found the correct expressions, but that their nonsensicality was their very essence. For all I wanted to do with them was just to go beyond the world and that is to say beyond significant language. My whole tendency and I believe the tendency of all men who ever tried to write or talk Ethics or Religion was to run against the boundaries of language. This running against the walls of our cage is perfectly, absolutely hopeless.”

Knowing our walls our cage is the first step to overcoming them. Coming at rest in our cage is the first step to being open to the sacred.

“(6.44) It is not how things are in the world that is mystical, but that it exists. (6.45) To view the world sub specie aeterni is to view it as a whole – a limited whole. (6.45) Feeling the world as a limited whole – it is this that is mystical. When the answer cannot be put into words, neither can the question be put into words. The riddle does not exist. […] (6.522)” – TLP

In Buddhism they talk of the one and the ten thousand things. You being is a place that a river of eternity runs through. Do you look back at the river exiting you or forward to the eternity approaching you? Where do you find you. Where do you find world. In the instant, open to the sacred, beyond words, you see it with direct pointing to the true nature of reality.  You find it by first becoming a still vessel, turbulent water does not reflect the moon.

It is something most never see, most never glipse or obtain. Sammadhi, a mere instant glimpse into the true reality, is enough to cause us to change our whole lifetimes.

It is this attainment that Marcus’ disciples try to discuss…

“[Marcus’ disciples] maintain that they have attained to a height above all power and that therefore they are free in every respect to act as they please, having no one to fear in anything.”

True freedom. We saw the same in the Buddha, in the early Christians. Free from the rules of the grown society that entrapped us for so long.

“For they say that because of the redemption they can now neither be stopped nor even seen by the judge. And even if he should happen to lay hold on them, then they can simply repeat these words … : “O you who sit beside God and the mystical, eternal Sige [<em>Silence</em>],” – (Against Heresies I:13:6)

They direct judges that they cannot judge with words. And that is correct.

“you through whom the angels—who continually behold the face of the Father and have you as their guide and introducer—derive their forms from above … Behold, the judge is at hand, and the crier orders me to make my defense. But I ask you, as being acquainted with the affairs of both, to present the cause of both of us to the judge, inasmuch as it is in reality but one cause.” – (Against Heresies I:13:6)

In a land of all one, from one source, there can be no other, no judges.

“Now, as soon as the Mother hears these words, she puts the Homeric helmet of Pluto [which makes men invisible] upon them so that they may invisibly escape the judge.” – (Against Heresies I:13:6)

The free men get the gift of this invisibility.

“Every one of them generates something new, day by day, according to his ability, for no one is deemed “perfect,” who does not develop among them some mighty fictions. : -(Against Heresies I:18:1)

And that is the powerful lesson. Freed of the constraints, knowing the scacred, one creates something new every day. The point of your existence. Laid bare. Such is the woe of the non-creators, the cube bound, the on disability coffee house dwellers and all forms of Spiteful Mutants, the on disability adult babies, the fem-men in pink, the teachers who teach nothing and create nothing, the derelicts and morphine addicts who see only the cage and never the freedom. Knowing them, you chose to never become them nor never bound by them or their false teachings nor that of the chains of society – the rules of marriage, divorce, and the lack of free movement and free land. The restriction of all freedoms, more chains. I seek a better place where I can be free. That is my driving force.