I’m supposed to love her but my god the smell

Oh Salamisha, your affirmative action degree and scholarships giving you a free ride at Harvard all the way to your Phd in “History of American Civilization” – WTF!!!! – has warped your tiny negroid brain into thinking we actually care what you say. Well the NYT may republish your drivel hoping for a communist revolution, but trust me, just shut up. You are a worthless race huckster.

So three new TV shows try to tell white men that your coozies don’t stink, but they do, badly. And the fictional accounts of white men falling for black women, unless you are a holly-weird nutter (OH george Lucas how can I watch star wars ever again, even Bowie fell to the dark side), don’t exist in reality. You got 3 shows all about how happy white men are to submit to the superior stinky black female, and yet you STILL COMPLAIN!

Salamisha “GIBS ME DAT” Tillet

It’s already a horror that this miscegenation stories exist on national tv at all. An utter horrific brain washing attempt to say this is normal. But moreover they push a cuck-male story an obsequious pandering sniveling male as the new normal. cuase he would never dare cross a WOKE woman.

This is all lefty fantasy, shows to make lefties think their psychotic mental world view is not insane.

Salamisha says they cannot do enough to overcome the nations violent racial past. She writes that History continues to PLAGUE her. Maybe, the truth of her racial inferiority, small brain, and ability only to survive on handout PhDs to fools plagues her. Why is this. How could this happen. Her small brain is confused.

The end result of miscegenation? You get dim witted but highly violent creatures who act stupidly woke anti-white all the time to try to gain acceptance into the negro group. It isn’t pretty. Think Colin Kapernic or Corey Booker. Yes, their IQs raise slightly. But I’ve seen far healthier people from Africa in pure blood blacks who come to the USA and become entrepreneurs.

But if you agree or disagree with miscegenation, that’s not the issue here. This proves that a woman given ABSOLUTELY EVERTHING for free so she can get a huge paycheck for teaching “Black Rage” classes at Rutgers (yes, thats really the class’s name) and ALL she can do is double down in her hatred and anti-white venom. This is a lesson for us. All forms of welfare including free PhD from Harvard affirmative action for the squirrel brained is DESTRUCTIVE. It produces SPITEFUL MUTANTES. SPITEFUL.

Look Salami, you have already done enough damage, corrupted the minds of hundreds with your anti-Europanic views. Rather than use you education to create and contribute to society you use it to bite the hand that fed you. For shame.

Wait a minute Salamisha, if YOU get to complain about something that happened over 200 years ago, can’t I get to complain about the moore’s pirating raides in AD 800? I would never think to do that but now that I think about it…



god I feel dirty and filthy. Not good.


In “Insecure,” “Love Is Blind” and “The Lovebirds,” these leading ladies are pushing back against dating bias in the real world.

By Salamishah Tillet
May 22, 2020
Updated 1:34 p.m. ET

… The Molly-Andrew relationship is part of a larger cultural trend in which black women, especially those of medium-to-dark-brown complexions — long positioned at the bottom of the aesthetic and social hierarchy in the United States because of racist standards — are increasingly appearing as leading ladies and romantic ideals in interracial relationships onscreen. In some cases, these are works created by black women themselves, like Rae’s “Insecure.” …

Ultimately, none of these interracial narratives can make up for our country’s violent racial past or the way that history continues to plague us. The trend remains mostly symbolic, with black women still on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder. Every once in a while, however, these fictionalized romances and reality show couples give us something to cheer for: a happily ever after in which the male partner acknowledges and begins to unravel his own racial privilege, not just out of love, but because it is the right thing to do.