Red Portion = Spiteful Mutants – Useless for a productive society

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The one resource our nation desperately needs – hard working hard thinking pioneer spirit can do make it happen types – are being forced out of existence by our welfare and tax policies – patriotmouse

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been spooked, and we are due” – Peter Zeihan

The brilliant mind of Peter Zeihan. This is a great talk. But it does have some failings. He discusses how the American era has established global maritime security, so free long range trade has been possible.

His prediction is America will withdraw. To one degree or another. and no other nation will continue as a power except America. We are uniquely situated to be a self sufficient empire.

He goes on at length to discuss the demographic disasters in nearly every other country (except France and Australia). But he misses the QUALITY of the people. We have been on a program of replacing our citizens in the two worst way – breeding our welfare minions endlessly, and illegal invaders from third world nations without the high IQ breeding stock to replenish our nation. Our best and brightest and PIONEER SPIRIT heritage is growing dimmer and dimmer.  States like Texas become sole refuge but, the federal tax burden, the property taxes mount, and even in Austin texas Urban camping was legalized by the newly communist city council leading to an 11% increase in homeless in just one year. In short, we are losing.

So while it may appear by the simple numbers that America’s demographic destiny is no big problem, its a lot more to accomplish than simply have other nations children. The new populations will lack several aspects of American can do high IQ make it happen phenotype. Instead it’s more likely to be welfare scamming, a bit lazy, and certainly not that bright peoples. And now they are us. Because every president thinks there’s endless time to fix things. But there isn’t.

total fertility rate by ethnicity

So first thing to recognize is our TOTAL fertility rate has dropped from 2.1 a decade ago to 1.7. That’s a demographic disaster. If we use RACE as a PROXY for spiteful mutant (non productive slag) – yes, it’s not quite a tautology but it’s close – we see that of the two races which produce new productivity – Europanics and Asians (white is a racist term) – reproduction rates have slipped to 1.6 and 1.5 respectively. That means a population reduction of FIFTY PERCENT in FIFTY years. Very quickly the welfare needs of the many will overrun the tax production of the few, or the one. We don’t have to drop in productive population that much before we go into negative tailspin, one could argue that we already have.  Hence the national debt.  This can only accelerate, the cuts to the spending would be so massive to bring our economic future under control congress would never approve it. Going from a Trillion dollar budget to 300 billion. Our defense budget is over 700 billion.  So instead they go with continue to inflate and continue to print money.

That was an ok strategy for the short term.  But the huge costs of the covid bailout, and again the fed taking FOUR TRILLION dollars in bad bonds and loans and CDOs onto its balance sheet to prop up the bankers who made bad loans (can you say fracking) is a serious issue.  They will simply deny inflation and deny interest rates from rising. Hmm. So they are forcing a made up non-market driven price for dollars. It’s weird. No one really knows. It’s like keeping the cap on a bottle you keep pumping with more air, eventually something isa gonna BLOW!  Current estimates put it at 2035. But the reality is the first hiccups of this impossible monetary policy will bite within 10 years. Trump will be long gone by then, House Pelosi will have to fix it. Yah right like that’s going to happen.

There is a winning strategy in that if we can bide our time and be a bit frugal and massively productive and efficient just a bit longer, we will see the other houses burst first. We then can go OH this ain’t good. And pretty soon the globalist and demothug concept of population replacement to deal with low birth will need a good trouncing.  There is still a strategy we can take. End birthright citizenship, establish e-verify, and tax the hell out of invaders if we can’t send them home. Make it a much more difficult proposition so they have to MATCH the hearty German Irish and Italians who came here in the industrial boom of last century.  At that point it matters not if they come because they will not be spiteful mutants sucking off freebies but converted to real productive members of society with a bit of thuggin on the side. Yes you can never escape the differences in racial psychopathology.

But that could be managed if you manage the percent of population – say 20% that is limited to the more psychopathological races. Blacks have already gobbled up 14% of that so there’s only 6% for all the hispanics to fit into or about 20 million. That means 60 million hispanics need to leave. Sorry that’s the equation for a productive cash positive nation. It’s grim but it’s reality.  Or we just accept the murder and rape levels of Nigeria and Brazil and call that the new normal. That’s the more likely end game, with more Europanic enclaves and more racial separation getting faught by demothug seeding with Section 8 housing so that there can be no escape from rape and murder by the productive races. How long will we put up with that. Forever, merely mentioning the word race has banned this book forever.

Race and Crime:

Since there is no Hispanic category in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports and approximately 93 percent of Hispanics identify themselves, or are identified by law enforcement officers, as white, most arrests of Hispanics are added to white violent crime rates.

“The result is that the violent crime rates for whites are inflated and the black rates are deflated in these studies,” says Steffensmeier.

When the researchers adjusted for the Hispanic effect, there was little overall change in the black percentage of violent crime.

Using arrest statistics from 1980 to 2008 in California and New York, two states that include a Hispanic category, the recalculated national figures indicated that the black percentage of assault increased slightly from 42 percent to 44 percent and homicide increased from 57 percent to 65 percent. There was a small decline in robbery, from 57 percent to 54 percent.

“It is the case that violent crime rates are lower today for blacks, as they also are for other race groupings, but the black percentage of violent crime is about the same today as in 1980,” says Steffensmeier.

So as we look at these “official” crime rates by race, which are already abhorrantly skewed, the reality is most likely the Europanic crime rate is 50% less and the black and hispanic are 50% higher. Ok, let’s use the fake statistics that they tried to make the other races look better. It’s still a total shit-show for non-asian non-europanics.

murder rates

There are 4.6 times as many Europanics as blacks according to official 2016 numbers. So let’s multiple the black murder rate to be able to compare it to the Europanic numbers and we get:

Black 20,217

Europanic: 4192

That’s a five time difference in murder rate. Rape statistics are even further skewed by counting Hispanics as Europanic, but lets look at that as well.

Black: 24,895

Europanic: 12,571

So even with the fake skew, it’s still TWICE as high a rape rate among blacks than Europanics.

Richard Lynn’s seminal work “Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality: An Evolutionary Analysis” goes into exhaustive detail. The final report isn’t good. Here is an excerpt:

Nevertheless, as Charles Murray and the late Richard Herrnstein showed in their book The Bell Curve, low IQ cannot entirely explain a black crime rate that is six-and-a-half times the white rate. When blacks and whites are matched for IQ, blacks still commit crimes at two-and-a-half times the white rate. This shows that blacks must have some other characteristic besides low intelligence that explains their high levels of criminality.
Prof. Herrnstein and Dr. Murray found the same race and IQ relationship for social problems other than crime: unemployment, illegitimacy, poverty, and living on welfare. All of these are more frequent among blacks and are related to low IQ, and low IQ goes some way towards explaining them, but these social problems remain greater among blacks than among whites with the same IQ’s. Low intelligence is therefore not the whole explanation.
Prof. Herrnstein and Dr. Murray did not offer any suggestions as to what the additional factors responsible for the greater prevalence of these social problems among blacks might be. They concluded only that “some ethnic differences are not washed away by controlling for either intelligence or for any other variables that we examined. We leave those remaining differences unexplained and look forward to learning from our colleagues where the explanations lie” (p. 340).

I propose that the variable that explains these differences is that blacks are more psychopathic than whites. Just as racial groups differ in average IQ, they can also differ in average levels of other psychological traits, and racial differences in the tendency towards psychopathic personality would explain virtually all the differences in black and white behavior left unexplained by differences in IQ.
Psychopathic personality is a personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense. The condition was first identified in the early Nineteenth Century by the British physician John Pritchard, who proposed the term “moral imbecility” for those deficient in moral sense but of normal intelligence.
The term psychopathic personality was first used in 1915 by the German psychiatrist Emile Kraepelin and has been employed as a diagnostic label throughout the Twentieth Century.
In 1941 the condition was described by Hervey Cleckley in what has become a classic book, The Mask of Sanity. He described the condition as general poverty of emotional feelings, lack of remorse or shame, superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, a lack of insight, absence of nervousness, an inability to love, impulsive antisocial acts, failure to learn from experience, reckless behavior under the influence of alcohol, and a lack of long-term goals.
In 1984 the American Psychiatric Association dropped the term psychopathic personality and replaced it with Antisocial Personality Disorder. This is an expression of the increasing sentimentality of the second half of the twentieth century in which terms that had acquired negative associations were replaced by euphemisms.
There are other examples. Mentally retarded children are now called “slow learners” or even “exceptional children;” aggressive children now have “externalizing behaviors;” prostitutes are “sex workers;” tramps are now “the homeless,” as if their houses were destroyed by earthquake; and people on welfare are “clients” of social workers. However, the term psychopathic personality remains useful.

There is a difference between blacks and whites—analogous to the difference in intelligence—in psychopathic personality considered as a personality trait. Both psychopathic personality and intelligence are bell curves with different means and distributions among blacks and whites. For intelligence, the mean and distribution are both lower among blacks. For psychopathic personality, the mean and distribution are higher among blacks. The effect of this is that there are more black psychopaths and more psychopathic behavior among blacks.

In this we use race merely as a proxy for statistics rather than indicative of Spiteful Mutants, blacks having the most extreme component of their population being spiteful mutants – that does not make all blacks spiteful mutants.  Europanics also have spiteful mutants, the disability babies the welfare pond scum and the feminist ass kissing simp men. But it’s probably held at about 30% of the males and 60% of the females. Still horrific.  Blacks and Hispanics the numbers are probably double that, near complete devastation of the entire race. Not hopeless, but a lot of culling and evolution has to happen to repair what has crept in from 50 years of welfare-ism. Point being, society says never to speak of such things. If we don’t confront the truth how do we help them. With MORE handouts, free college, free degrees even though they can’t read, and free make work jobs. It’s just not the answer. Do they truly contribute after all that? After a make work affirmative action job? Answer: NO

What of those who say its the WELFARE not the RACE? Europanics use welfare as well and on them, especially single mothers, the effect is equally debilitating. And the offspring produced is generally reckless without regard for selecting a quality mate and dysgenic.  But it must be more than this. There are genetic factors which predispose races to sloth and welfare parasitism and you will see it across a wide moral compass – single motherhood, drug addiction, inability to hold a job, inability to be educated.

Reduce welfare by 50% and disability payments as well. End nice beautiful section 8 apartments (ok they are slums some places, but other places it results in welfare-ites getting whole beautiful houses). Poverty should be difficult. The poor should never get the same quality housing as the workers.  We need a new concept of poor houses, maybe those japanese airport cubes can be a start.  5′ high and 4’x10′ for a family of four. Crampt, crowded, but a warm roof over your head. No air conditioning. I grew up without it in Texas.  The difficulty of it all should allow survival, but not much more, perhaps with a much stronger push than the lavish life of fake nails, fake hair, and 50″ tvs and $2000 cell phones, perhaps then the poor might get off their duffs.

Instead, disability is the new path to free and easy living all paid for by our national debt, we can’t even afford it today. Its in this population that we breed the gang bangers, the high school drop outs who become murderers, and “oh he had a promising rap career” but never worked a day in his life.  We have to recognize the dysgenic nature of welfare but also that it’s never the whole story. There is a genetic component, especially among races which have suffered an exhaustion period.

In the meantime, the one resource our nation desperately needs – hard working hard thinking pioneer spirit can do make it happen types – are being force out of existence. This is mainly due to the divorce rape laws but also high taxes but mainly, it’s women and feminism and the deciding a childless marriage-less life is better than one with a family.  It’s going to take some time to start to turn the tide on that, but the divorce rape laws act as rafters propping up that madness and keeping men away. Sure they raped the men and took their piggy banks for 50 years, but now, the words out. It’s only the simps and beta cucks who are fair targets anymore, hence a 1.6 replacement rate. We can’t move forward when half our population has left the reservation.

The Rise of the Spiteful Mutant population has a direct influence on politics pushing us more and more into Hugo Chavez commie-ism.  More poor screaming for more handouts. Twice we have bailed out the bankers. The next bailout might be for the unlanded misery class. Can our monetary system survive another 10T packed on? Probably not but they will do it anyways.  We have learned there is no progress to be made neither by DemoThug or RE-blood-ican. Until there is a third party representing Americans, there will be no progress.

So Zeihan is wrong. Our nation is also screaming downhill to a terrifying destiny. Just like so many others that have embraced universal suffrage and las feministas and massive welfare parasitism. Still it’s a good watch if only to take not that in the long game China and Europe are more screwed than we are.