There were 3 orders of jewish people, the Sadduccees, the Pharisees, and the smaller Essenes. The Essenes lived in northern Israel or Gallilee near Mt. Carmel and the Bethany estates. Nazareth was a commune, a community, not a place.

Christianity has suffered several schisms from the original teachings. First it was Paul and the Ebionites who added back support for ritual sacrifice, eating of meat, and circumcism. They also added back worldly wealth and the low stature and restrictions of women. Well maybe that last one was a good thing. Women were hardly equal to men in the early church, they simply weren’t the trod upon drudges of Paul’s church.

Jesus was the rightful heir to Judea with the lineage to prove it. But when he went to make his case, as his family had been cast offs living up by the sea of galilee in a bit more free and hippee movement, well funded by the Bethanies, when he finally arrived in Jerusalem he was probably a bit shocked that the old bitter Pharisees refused him.

The depictions of Christ changed from being the wide faced Nazarene, to the thin bearded Paul. We mostly worship paul in Christian churches today and Pauls teachings. But Paul never met christ, was never a disciple. In fact he spent much of his life fighting against them. Was he an agent to corrupt from within once he saw he could not win? I don’t trust Paul one bit.

Third Century Depiction of Jesus distributing Loaves of bead and fish

The Essene belief to pool wealth and live in communes was a central part of early christianity. But it is no longer done. No money in it. Better to ask for 10% tithe a year. Christ fought against animal sacrifice and pushed vegetarianism. And free sex and love. When you joined the early church you handed over your belongings and wealth and lived free. It was a commune.

The second schism happened upon Christs departure. Mary Magdalene led the essene teachers as high teacher and used the symbol of the blue rose (impossible in nature) to symbolize the original holders of the true gospel.

Around 200 years after Christ, St. Ireneaus fought to keep the new Gnostic beliefs out of Christianity. the pivotal book “Against Heresies” called out the Gnostics for believing such things as spiritual resurrection.

The Valentinians believed that resurrection was a purely spiritual phenomenon, while Irenaeus insisted that Christians would be raised from the dead in fleshly bodies. Zombies?

Another key point that the gnostics held was that the world was imperfect, and you could tap the godhead within you directly, where’s the church emphasized “only through christ”. The Resurrection of the Gospel of Thomas in the Nag Hammadi find showed actually that this notion of direct knowing of the sacred was part of the early church.

[Against Heresies can be dated to sometime between 174 and 189 CE, as the list of the Bishops of Rome includes Eleutherius, but not his successor Victor.[8] The earliest manuscript fragment of Against HeresiesP. Oxy. 405, dates to around 200 CE.[9]]

Later at 325 at the Roman council of Nicea much of the original teaching was obliterated and expunged. All references to women teachers, vegetarianism, and the importance of the seven comandments was removed.

Take a look at some of the earliest pictures of Christ, and then how after the council of Nicea, the picture changed to that of Paul, not Yashua. Below, this is Paul, clearly not Christ.

Even the statue of liberty is actually Christ, which is actually Sol Invictus.

Now the P part of the Chi Ro Symbol, that’s the Rod of Asclepus, the snake entertwining a staff. It is a reference to Aaron’s staff turning into a serpent, a miracle by Moses. Legend has it that the rod was delivered to Yashua himself.

This legend of the rod as given by the Syrian Solomon in his Book of the Bee[2] has Christian characteristics. According to it the staff is a fragment of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and was successively in the possession of Shem, of the three Patriarchs, and of Judah, just as in the Jewish legend. From Judah it descended to Pharez, ancestor of David and of the Messiah. After Pharez’s death an angel carried it to the mountains of Moab and buried it there, where the pious Jethro found it. When Moses, at Jethro’s request, went in search of it, the rod was brought to him by an angel. With this staff Aaron and Moses performed all the miracles related in Scripture, noteworthy among which was the swallowing up of the wonder-working rods of the Egyptian Posdi. Joshua received it from Moses and made use of it in his wars;[3] and Joshua, in turn, delivered it to Phinehas, who buried it in Jerusalem.
There it remained hidden until the birth of Jesus, when the place of its concealment was revealed to Joseph, who took it with him on the journey to Egypt.

So incredibly we have Jesus carrying the original staff of Moses. Which became taken up by the Asclepius cult of healing, an offshoot of the Nazarene healing schools

The Misunderstood Chi-Ro symbol is actually quite simple once you train your mind to see it. It’s a traditional sea of Galilee boat anchor. The top loop you would thread your rope through. It’s not a “P” at all. And the alpha and omega, those are persimmons, common in the region of Galilee and mean good luck, not Alpha and Omega, a misread of the original symbology.

Just as Jesus’ true picture changed and was erased from history, so was his true teaching. Legend has it that Pliny gathered a group in Rome to write or re-write the gospels to make it more herd morality centric. Just as the boomers and that col sanders tv show guy took over the tea party and re-wrote it, such happened to christ.

The real story of Christ was of a rightful king claiming his throne, and getting rebuffed by cackling jewish elders who refused to give up power. Some believe Christ survived to lead the revolt and final stand at Masada while Mary and child safely ensconced away to France.

Sol Invictus was the pivotal move to make Christ acceptable to Romans. His face got the rays of the sun. Columb – the dove – is the symbol of the ark seeing it’s first sign of life after the flood. And that too is part of the christian symbology, the return of life. It was the French Columb society which paid for the statue of liberty much like the older Columb society paid for Christopher Columbus to discover America. Christobal Colon changed his name to Christopher (bringer of Christ) and Columbus (of the Dove) in recognition of the wealth he received from the Columb society. The Columb society has been part of America since it’s discovery.

Columba constellation is located in the southern sky. Its name means “the dove” in Latin. The constellation’s original name was Columba Noachi, meaning “Noah’s dove”

The statue at the Ohio statehouse shows Columbus with his dove which is the ancient Noastic symbol of reaching land; In his hand the globe – his poor math calculations led him to believe the earth was round. His math was wrong but his idea was right.

And who is the Columb Society? The surname Columb was first found in Guyenne, where this distinguished family held a family seat since the 1100’s. 1,000 years before that, a woman with a black nurse maid and a soldier protector arrived in the shores of france. Her name? Mary Columb. Mary the dove. The wife of Christ. And Magdalene? It means “from Magada” (a village near the Sea of Galilee). And Magada was the site of the commune of the Nazarene sect.  It loosely means “place of salted fish”. It was wiped out by Vespasian in 67 CE as it became a strong hold for rebels who opposed the Romans after the crucifixion of Christ. Masada came just six years later. The other interesting link of Magada is it is where the jews cut the acacia wood before their journey into the desert with Moses, and when they built the arc of the covenant, they made it from the wood from Magada. As they also made Moses staff.

The Babylonian Gaonim whose insignia appears within the Masonic compass and rule – were made up of elite Pharisees and Sadducee who regrouped in Babylon after the devastation of Judea by the Romans in AD 70. Although nominally Jewish, the Gaonim reverted to goddess worship reappearing in history under the title Freemason – meaning Brothers of the Sun (Aton). Sol Invictus again!

Indomitable pride, thirst of power, such were the only motives of this sect (the illuminati): their masters had nothing less in view than the thrones of the earth, and the government of the nations was to be directed by their nocturnal clubs – Duke of Brunswick (Manifesto of 1794)

The duke referred to the infiltrators and corrupters as a “Sun Order.” Sol Invictus again!

The Gaonim order became the “G” in the Freemason symbol. Meaning not GOD, but the jewish order they had started from. The EVIL Jewish leadership who rejected Christ. Eventually reconciled as the Templars merged again with the Gaonim and formed the Freemasons.

The G in the Freemason Symbol Isn’t God

Let’s look at the masons a bit further. They held from the Knights Templar the Heliopolan secret knowledge. What is it? That the earth self destructs every 23,000 years. All of the obelisks in Egypt were tracking the precession cycle which speeds up as our hidden solar companion swings by literally turning the solar system around its axis. So they became involved in building rock observatories and around the world this tracking of precession acceleration was pivotal and quite difficult work.

Look at the image below:

Now they will tell you that it is the Sun and the moon. It is NOT the moon. It is a brown dwarf binary companion of the sun, undetectable until it swings in from a far out elliptic orbit. The symbols around it reference that it too has planets. And in between, the Shamash, which is depicted as the EYE of god, which is the interference pattern which shows up as the two monstrous stars near each other. and the name for this is the Piscis Vessica. This has been the secret knowledge that the working slave class cannot know. That all toil is for naught, as the earth gets destroyed over and over again. Christs lazarus arise from the dead re-enactment is an enactment of rising from the radiation shelters to a dead world to start again. What shelters are these? The pyramids of course! And the less good solid granite chests in Egypt which might save you if the world didn’t flood. The last part of secret knowledge is the doorway which leads off from the chessboard. There is some belief that during this horrible time, the end of the Yugi Kalpa, it will be possible to jump between worlds. Other symbols – the Bee hive. No it doesn’t mean wealth, it means the BEES will sense it FIRST. And begin to behave erratically. Armed with this knowledge, the financial collapse doesn’t seem like such a big deal and the pure greed of the orders to just suck all money and party like it’s 2699 is a bit more understandable.

From Moses to Christ the fisherman, the fish-hook, the dove, and Mary, the Gaonim, the illuminati, the Templars, Freemasons and Finally Colombus and the Statue of Liberty. History is happening and we are in the middle of it all.