Covid 19 model left, Cancer Virus from Project 21 Right

In yet another shocking revelation, it turns out that all our lockdowns were based on software written in the completely obsolete language FORTRAN, for which one can barely obtain a compiler today. Moreover, the government did NOT SEEK THE ADVICE OF A SINGLE SOFTWARE EXPERT or COMPUTER SCIENTIST to review the model for quality.

If they did, it would have been obvious it was a pile of junk, a relic from long dead software engineers.

What a huge blunder for the government, but it was backed by FAUCI. IT was ANNOUNCED and DELIVERED by FAUCI. One MORE REASON not to trust FAUCI.

In the history of expensive software mistakes, Mariner 1 was probably the most notorious. The unmanned spacecraft was destroyed seconds after launch from Cape Canaveral in 1962 when it veered dangerously off-course due to a line of dodgy code.

But nobody died and the only hits were to Nasa’s budget and pride. Imperial College’s modelling of non-pharmaceutical interventions for Covid-19 which helped persuade the UK and other countries to bring in draconian lockdowns will supersede the failed Venus space probe and could go down in history as the most devastating software mistake of all time, in terms of economic costs and lives lost.

Since publication of Imperial’s microsimulation model, those of us with a professional and personal interest in software development have studied the code on which policymakers based their fateful decision to mothball our multi-trillion pound economy and plunge millions of people into poverty and hardship. And we were profoundly disturbed at what we discovered. The model appears to be totally unreliable and full of software bugs.