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Smart men quickly realize the dangers of marriage or even sex in the new Feminazi me-too empowered women world. It’s a losing game for men.  Divorce courts routinely take 75% of mens assets even retirement savings and hand them over to women. Then demand 75% of your salary be handed over as well. Search Youtube for Dave Foley if you think that’s not true. While it’s worse in the Mega-Feminazi demothug cities, it’s pretty much everywhere unless you live in Butte.

But this is having a radical effect on the quality of our babies.  Welfare hoodlums who sell the tooth fall out powder at night have LOTS of Babies.  Dumb beta males who just don’t know better or think better have LOTS of Babies. Alpha Chads and Tyrones who are generally dumb as a stump have LOTS of babies. But smart people? Not so much.

This is the inverse of Darwin. Hence it’s an artificial dysgenic situation caused by government policy. and that policy is the divorce rape of the male backed up by 2 shots of free housing and money for life if that falls through.

More and more smart men are stepping away from the work-exhaust-enslaved treadmill and beginning to think of working for themselves, taking care of themselves and waiting out the 500 year madness we are embarking upon until society fizzles out and changes or gets invaded by the Chinee or Hijab people.

Of course, we won’t see a population decrease, that’s what immigration is for, to hide that shocking facts so it’s not quite so obvious. Population keeps going up, but it’s not us who are having the children it is the other.

The other aren’t bad, but certainly not the tough pioneer stock that founded this nation nor the inventive stock that gave us our political thought and inventions which basically is all of modern society.  But if that government is now so corrupted as to destroy the nation, then it needs to go. And go it will. A new age of barbarism, a road warrior future for failed lands is what is ahead of us. First the welfare collapse and the cannibalism. Then when we are exhausted the replacement gene pattern from China or Arabia will come in and take over. One will do it en mass with millions, the other simply breeds away on welfare in the shadows creating a geometric growth in their babies.

Divorce rape horror won’t ever change or be reformed by courts. Women have the good life now. One foolish man getting married and they get to smile inside, another sucker taken, their life will now be funded forever, unless of course they drive him to suicide. So they have to be careful only to inflict massive amounts of torture to make him give up, like the black widow biting her mate with just enough poison so he can continue the mating act, but not so much that he can ever get away. That’s the modern trap.

There is an answer. Vasectomy, no co-habitating with women, and for some, full monk mode. Men are on strike. The good ones will come back when the laws change. Until then, invest in video game stocks and electronic sex doll wifus, cause men will need a replacement.

And as android wives get smarter and more mobile, this may seem like a good situation for both sexes, until the women wake up at 40 and whine “where are all the good men” well ladies you divorce raped them to exhaustion then you ME-TOOd them in the dating game until they were scared as crickets to even go near you. And you wonder where the men are. for shame.