No one really knows when or how the dollar collapse will happen. We do know a few things:

  1. Gold and Silver would probably be a good thing to have. I would recommend 1/10th oz gold pieces. That’s going to be worth abotu $250 each. Full ounce and half ounce silver. That’s your 20 buck and 10 buck value coin. If everyone did this you’d have a good exchange system. You will need to buy a coin balance to make sure you are getting real coins in exchange and to test what you buy.
  2. Most likely you’d want to LEAVE America. The reason is not that it’s going to be a Mad Max utopia. No it’s because the taxes will get worse and worse while the dollars will get weaker and weaker. Move to a no property tax nation. Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Phillipines, Thailand. Areas near thailand will get a bit risky but Thailand managed to survive WWII just by giving the japanese sub bases. (Note: thailand just shut down to foreigners)
  3. Have your wealth in many places, and not all digital. This is the big problem with Bitcoin. Oh the servers are down now. Oh well. Building small properties to rent out or a restaurant are good strategies so your money makes money.
  4. Get a instant legolas repeating crossbow. silent and deadly. wont run out of bullets, you can make your own bolts easily.
  5. You will already be in the community of expats, so it’s easy to start a circular defense community. But don’t consider the 80 yr olds to be a good bunch, lake chapala will get buzzed down right quick.
  6. Get permanent visas which lead to passports. Mexico costs about 110 k usd in the bank. Thailand JUST SHUT DOWN. Gone. Get your foreign passport now.
  7. Take a LOT of first aid courses. Learn to suture. Get good supplies of antibiotics and natural healing remedies. colloidal silver. wormwood. chinese herbs for cancer (grown and raised and sold from America please). When things get rough pharmaceutical supply will go by by. If you are ON a permanent med, look at alternatives that might be easier to get.
  8. starve the beast – you can only not pay tax by leaving (110k/yr can be shielded and tax free). America is the only nation on earth that imposes taxes on you WORLDWIDE (ok canada had to do it also or wed all just become canadians).