I’m sorry, but this THING can BARELY SPEAK. It’s FRIGHTENING, except, its just more Monkey News. I’ve seen ten or twenty different ones, MSNBC seems to be a bit worse than CNN. Sorry, I don’t enjoy a slice of EBONICS in my daily news casts led by a 70 IQ who can barely read. There are eloquent blacks. I’ve heard Thomas Sowell I know they exist. But they never get chosen by MSNBC.

I know i’ve seen that face before. It was in my anthropology texts back at Harvard. Ah yes, with PT Barnum, that Aztec mutants. They had deformingly SMALL cranial size. That’s why her eyes look so odd. She’s missing much of what is a normal head. Because she literally lacks a brain.

Oh well. It’s just more Monkey news… serves a purpose to push the wacko nutto lefty messages. I almost expect her to break out into a Shaka Zulu gyration.