Thinking of fleeing the USA to cheap delicious food and titty bar Thailand? Forget it.


Choengron Rimphadi, the Deputy Spokesman and a Deputy Commander of Thailand’s Immigration Bureau, has released a video explaining to foreigners what the current situation is for those seeking to enter the kingdom and outlining the steps that the Thai government has taken to deal with the coronavirus emergency.

Mr Choengron has asked the foreigner community in Thailand and all those involved to cooperate with authorities to ‘overcome this crisis’ together.

He has urged people to be patient so that ‘we, humanity can get past the crisis’.

Mr Choengron explains that first of all, the Thai government has imposed control over those who can enter the kingdom at this time.

These controls made under the emergency decree, are quite apart from the ban on passenger flights which is a separate measure, limiting access to the country under Section 9 of the 2005 Public Administration and Emergency Situation Act which governs the state of emergency currently in force.

The state of emergency is expected to be formally extended when the Thai cabinet meets on Tuesday.

Currently, 5 different classes of foreigners who may enter Thailand provided they have transport

The measure, now in place, limits access to the kingdom for all foreigners except for 5 different groups.

These are, firstly, people invited to Thailand on behalf of the government or the Center for Covid 19 Situation Administration.

The second group is anyone involved with logistical operations. These foreigners, nonetheless, must leave the kingdom as soon as possible once their mission is completed.

The third group comprises the masters of vessels or those responsible for conveyance craft including those with functions or duties attached to such transports. These also must have a specific schedule for departure from Thailand.

Diplomats and representatives of accredited bodies by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowed entrance

The fourth group comprises diplomats or those attached to international organisations which are recognised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Thailand.

The fifth group are foreigners either with work permits or who are permitted to take up work permits. This group includes those with relevant authorisation or written permission from the Ministry of Labour to work in Thailand.

Included in this group also, are those involved with the management of firms linked with Board of Investment approval or with specified industries such as the petroleum sector.

All are required to have authorising letters from their organisations

Even for those approved, there are still other burdensome requirements to be met before admission

At this moment, no other foreigners, except these five groups, may enter Thailand under Thailand’s emergency decree and orders laid down by the Covid 19 Centre in its efforts to limit the spread of the virus.

Even if an individual is among these approved groups, there are other requirements and procedures which also have to be addressed.

The first is the ban on all inward passenger flights which has recently been extended to July 1st at the earliest.

However, even if one of these included groups, such as, for instance, a work permit holder, can make it to an external border crossing or immigration point without using a commercial passenger flight into Thailand, there are further considerations.

Medical certification within 72 hours of embarking for Thailand and $100,000 in health coverage

Any foreigner entering the country must have a medical certificate stating that the person is fit to fly if using an air flight while for all visitors, it must confirm that the foreigner is in good health and free of the Covid 19 virus. This letter must have been issued within 72 hours of travelling.