Joggers gonna jog. The guy with the froot loops is my favorite. He’s not as industrious as the smart fella who knows you can get a EBT card with 50 bucks on it for a single jug of laundry detergent in the hood.

They call it “Free day” and free day comes more and more often, in some of these cities it’s almost montly. A supplement to the welfare if you will. The days of Giuliani and strong armed cops who’d toss em in the school bus sized paddy wagons are over. The new America is emerging. While you’ve been sleeping they’ve been breeding. Now it’s a different people. Your country, your people, well, there are pockets of em in Texas, maybe a few in Wyoming. But mostly … its gone.

Riots. Looting. Because a cop killed a black person. Wait, there are dozens of terrible stories of cops killing white people. No rioting. No looting.

It doesn’t matter. What you are seeing are the cracks when society that thin veneer of control breaks down. It happened when they took the police substation over. Soon they will learn to hit weapons stockpiles. Then the bugaloo is on.

And what of looting. Do they NEED the air jordans or another big TV? No, but they will sell it. Being on welfare, their livelihood is crime. That is the only way to make money, extra cash. So it’s endemic. And it will happen everytime things get out of control.


First, don’t ever live in any city that shows rioting today. Because that will be daily hell in just a few years.

Second, don’t ever live in a democratic run city, because they let the rioting and looting go on endlessly with NO CONSEQUENCES. So it just gets worse. Like children testing testing their limits. They have learned other than rampaging in the high rent or korean districts, there are none.

Third Demographics. You don’t realize the large populations of non-Europanics, but in 19 of our 20 largest cities they OUTNUMBER EUROPANICS. America has already fallen and it’s not just racial. It’s creed, pioneer spirit, determination, and yes, ethics and morality. If all police were removed for one month, would Europanics just loot and steal everything. Maybe some would but most wouldn’t. Why?

Fourth, when it happens its already going to be too late to escape. Move NOW. Did Dallas loot? No. Did Atlanta? YES. At least use that level of info to know where to be that is LESSARLY FUCKED.

Fifth, it’s already too late. So don’t fret about it. Don’t try to save it. Marching slowly to the death and doom of our nation, hey we got 400 years of good times. We made it almost as long as Rome. Our states and population got too big, our representatives too distant, and our politics too different. It’s time for America to split. But it refused to do so, with the Lincoln Federales determined to have an iron fist over states. So because we can no longer CHOOSE what states to live in and still have federal rules and taxation over us, it means that there is no migratory escape only migratory lesser hells. Sure Texas might seem better than Detroit, but you are still contributing to the monster federal bloated 17 watch over you agencies as you did in Detroit. Until that changes, unless that changes, and it won’t, the bloody bifurcation of America is our destiny.

Sixth, it’s Frog Soup. It will be a slow creeping decline into Venezuazine horrors. The shouting from the lefties will get louder as they SENSE commie taker getting closer and closer. They have just spent three solid years REE-ing at Trump. And on it goes.

Seventh, the tax situation for working middle class will get unbearable. You are the GOAT. Never forget, you have been trained FROM AGE FIVE to be the GOAT. Bleat goat bleat. You are terrified not to be the goat. Can’t afford the nice house the nice car and the quiet happy burbs of the 1950s and 60s. Of course you can’t. You have five monkies on your back and they aren’t your tribe. They were let in, fed, provided for by the people in charge. They don’t care about you.

Eighth, retirement. For us, social security is a lie. From FIVE workers to one retiree it is going to be just TWO workers for one in just ten years. Why? More spiteful mutants, slags, people who just refuse to work, spend out their days on crack and heroin or gang bangin, or just in torpor in adult baby cribs shitting in their pants and smiling. That’s where the money went.

Ninth, what to do. Ignore it. It’s not a problem of your making. Be happy as you can. Create things. Travel. Keep an eye out for what might be a better place. Mexico you might have a 1% chance of being shot by a drug gang. Today that might not seem like a good risk. But when your taxes have doubled, you might reconsider. Thailand might be ungodly hot. But they made it through WWII without being conquered. That says something. Can’t say that about the phillipines or guam!

Ah the rioting and looting. It’s like first smoke from a big fire. Use it to see which way the wind is blowing my friends. the fire is boiling the pot. Are you too dumb to hop out? Or will you end up like the tragic women below… remember some take advantage to loot, others to rape and kill.


White Woman Found Dead in Car in Minneapolis Following Night of Kidnappings, Random Cars Being Shot At By Rioters…

According to police, the woman appeared to be in her 30s with “trauma visible” on her body, which was in the back seat. The car was in the area of the riots, in the middle of the street on 17th and Bryant Avenue.
There were multiple reported kidnappings in the area during the same time period.

Libor Jany, a reporter from the Star Tribune wrote on Twitter that “amidst all this, police are being called to investigate a possible kidnapping from the parking lot across the street from their burning station; a screaming woman was said to have been forcibly put into a vehicle that then sped away, according to scanner traffic.”

Additionally, a report of a topless white female “in distress” in a car with three black males went out over the scanner.

“CVS on Snelling is on Fire. Car jacking and kidnapping just occurred. They’re shooting st random cars on university. Do not leave your home. It is extremely dangerous in here,” a Twitter user from Minneapolis wrote.

Another social media user posted a photo from their motion censor doorbell showing a distraught woman that appeared to seek help. They did not hear the bell and it is unknown if she is okay. Social media users in a Minneapolis Facebook group where it was posted speculated that she may have been one of the kidnapped women.