Well it was another long night of looting and all our Antifa Dreamboats were out in force. And of course the big question is, WHO WORE IT BEST!

Connie O’Leary was out in front as usual with red on black shielding and spotted black kerchief. Enhanced tactical pants seal the deal along with the anger in her eyes.

To her right, Jackie Grew, a bit short for the runway if you ask me. And chuck taylors? White laces to a Antifa Riot are you KIDDING ME!

On the left side is Pudgie Sue. Sorry those stretch pants do not qualify for JEGGINGS of the month. The dumpy pull over with saggy boobs is so yesterday. Time to go on an AIR diet sweetie or that ASS will be the only thing people remember about you.

Pipsqueek can be seen to the right of Jackie, known for her tiny size but fierce fighting spirit. At only 4’6 she’s the new Lesbo face of the Antifa fighting machine. What she lacks in stature she makes up for with sheer hatred of men. Her nearly totally obscured face defeates even the highest tech facial recognition. Yes Pip, she’s always in the running for best dressed Antifa villianess of the year.

Polly PureFuk has come up with a unique strategy for those identifying tatoos. Just slap a happy face on it! Somehow… I’m not sure that’s really working but death eye mascara is a winner this year, it’s going to be the new trend on store shelves.

Wait, is that a mauve and gray bandana? Steampunk goggles? And checkerboard green on black bustier? It must be Tracy “the gouger” Peterman, making her fierce presence known. What will she wear to next years parade? We don’t know but we can’t wait to see!

Trend setter “pickle” Jones shows you don’t have to wear all black to be Antifa-chic. Military jacket offsets middle eastern scarfing with herringbone twirl. What better way to face off the bicycle cops! Oh and we found out why she’s called “pickle” in one of our all girl camp outs. ;*>

So don’t be plain nellies when you Antifa-out next time, remember, the cameras are watching you!