They are the spiteful mutants, and they will RISE.

I penned those prescient words months ago. I knew it was coming.

Protesting over George Floyd? Don’t kid yourself this has NOTHING to do with George Floyd. No, it’s the withdrawl from the WHO that has them all REE-ing.


Yes. The WHO. Trumps big announcement.

Well why do they care about that? you say.

It’s because of what’s next. Where Trump is headed. There’s one more big shoe to drop. And that’s the WTO. That is the next logical step for America.

America is being re-fashioned from a GLOBAList footing to uniLateral trade zone with agreements nation to nation. There’s no need for a WTO and worse, we’d be much better off without them.

So, even though we are supposed to be in Virus Shutdown, and well I guess all them masks just make being Antifa thugs easier, the order was given. The switch was thrown. The upper level Commie organizers synched with black lives matter and pent up sexually frustrated feminist chics and all that rage was unleashed all at once in one massive flash bang across America.

Buildings were burned, heads bashed in, police stood down, and people died. The commie control of our LEADERS our MAYORS our POLICE CHIEFS has been slow and steady. Now that they have them, they use them knowing they can run rampant and police will chickenshit DO NOTHING.

Even in TEXAS? yes jennie, even in Texas. That scares me. Texas was our own internal wall against this madness. Dallas and San Antonio fell early. Houston is overrun with non-Europanics so it was easy to take over. That left Austin. And the big question was… would Austin fall. It did. Protestors shut down I35, the huge national highway that is critical to America. Police did nothing. They rioted downtown, wafting stinky hairy armpits and raging against the machine that keeps them down.

A Shell gas station at the intersection of I-35 and East Seventh Street was also broken into.

The owner of the store told KXAN that he has been in business for 32 years and has never experienced anything like this. The gas station is normally 24/7, but they decided to close last night.

Intruders stole all the cash in the register, scratch-off lottery tickets and all the cigarettes and tobacco products. Or as they call them, Hood Bucks. Four hours and ten thousand scratch offs later we passed the culprit again. He was sad faced. Around his feet were piles and piles of scratched off tickets. “Is just like life man, you can never win” said the dejected thug.

Meanwhile, a car parked underneath I-35 was torched and some trash cans were set on fire.

Still it was pretty minimal. Not QUITE the carnage of minneapolis.

“Are you here protesting George Floyd’s Murder?”

“Floyd, Did is de WHO withdrawal man” said one black lives matter thugee.

This video just makes me sad. A lone police officer is beset by ugly half breeds and antifa.

We interviewed a feminist with green armpit hair and a buzz cut better suited to a marine. But if you looked past that, it was obvious at one point she was a lithe bed monkey. “Oh were riotin baby, until we get back in the WHO. Healthcare is a HUMAN RIGHT and others need to pay for it NOW”

She was a bit frisky after being plied by several free beers so … err my reporting ended there. But probably some other stuff happened that night.

Yes they are frightened, very scared that the WTO is next. Oh Trumpo, in the words of darth sidious, DO IT!

Check out those Moschino Windows. That’s gotta be the toughest windows evah! Moschino means “greedy” in italian.