So, there are no peaceful protesters. Its a sham.

Notice how they always protest in big numbers, just at nightfall. Hmmm.

Then Antifa sets up fires and throws rocks at windows, smash windows with hammers. Then the looters go from shop to shop looting. The pros are in a van taking serious amounts of loot.

They are so blazen, they start hitting stores before it even goes dark.

Tell everyone to wear masks they said. It would be fine they said.

Also notice how AFTER they are arrested and cuffed they get to KEEP their hats, hoodies and masks on? Hmmmm.

Well the italians and polish and other working class had enough in Phili. Enough.

Antifa gets the bricks throwing, set fires, and start distractive chaos, which then opens up the city to roving gangs of looters armed with PRY BARS and even EXPLOSIVES to crack ATMs open.

Well one sign of progress, WHITES took to Phili streets with Baseball bats. Amazing what white people can do that the police cannot. The press call them “vigilante groups” Hmmmmm. Hmmmmmm. Vigilantes against peaceful protestors.

Yah know what? The press is complicit in this. They sold lies to the dumb people for 3 years now. And the dumb people are dumb enough to believe them.

and my personal favorite – “You take your FAGGOT energy and go somewhere else”