Strange thing about all these protestors and negro rioters. None of them seem to be catching the covid. Hmmm. There had better be a huge spike in a week or it’s all been a Fauci hoax.

And as the “protesters” set upon white areas carrying boxes and backpacks for thuh loot, they met an old friend, the AR-15.

Police in NYC were yet again utterly useless, but they did apparently arrest many of the marchers but NONE of the looters. Gucci got hit. Hermes scarves were the big item, you can get $300 each on ebay for them.

The FBI failed to investigate who bought all the bricks. That should have been an easy one.

My fav video was the guy who pulled up in a rolls royce, then went out to loot. I guess that’s how you get a rolls royce.

Mayor, look heres how you do it. You keep spotters on every rooftop where high target stores are. You have hidden crews at the end of each block. One of them has a bazooka in case a car tries to plough thru. You lock it down once the looters start and arrest all of them. And search every car leaving the city. And cordon off the “peaceful protesters” march them through a checkpoint and search all of them. Have monitors within the crowd to spot anyone dropping their “backpack of fun” as the checkpoint approaches. Yehp. Ahhh Yehp. Wont neveah happen huh?

At this point, you’re being dumb NOT to loot and take the free stuff. Except, whites know that that store is another mans hard work. Well except Hermes. No I take that back, someone must work hard at Hermes somewhere. Selling $10 scarves for $600 takes spunk you have to admit.

I’ve taken to the streets rioting, but for Tessa Majors. JUSTICE!