In the book “The Fourth Turning” by Strauss and Howe, they clearly showed that we are on an 80 year cycle from crisis to crisis. So there is no question that we crossed the rubicon in the bailouts of 2007. But what will our full on crisis be?

This turning, it’d doubtful there will be world war. The world is more interconnected. So then what?

It’s going to be the end of the dollar. The end of our money system. And possibly America ripped apart as the spiteful mutants rise.

“we don’t need to fund policing” scream the mutants “disband ICE” scream the mutants “REE he touched me” scream the mutants. What happens when the majority votes away civilized society and just loot all day long?

Bitcoin doesn’t quite seem right as the replacement to me. First of all, it’s a waste of a lot of electricity to make one! It isn’t tangible. Instead I think well weighted micro gold pieces with testers could work, and GoldCoin digital currencies which redeem in gold. They haven’t quite figured out how to de-centralize that, so it’s all from single issuers to date. But soon a consortia will get together. I think that’s going to be next.

Until the huge 6T bailouts of the financial houses will continue. They get their money first, you wait 3 months for a 1,200 bailout. No one knows how destabilizing it is to have 8T on the fed balance sheet. But think of it this way…

Every 1T in debt, is like 100 feet in the air we place a tightrope. At 28T we are at twice the height of the world trade center.

But for every 1T on the balance sheet, think of an old steamer trunk filled with heavy plates and shoes. That’s what our tight rope walker has to carry while walking across a rope at 2,800 feet in the air. Right now he’s got 7 trunks. It doesn’t look good. Pile on 4 more trunks. He ain’t gonna survive the fall no way.

Listen to Gutfelds 2015 speech and replace ISIS with ANTIFA: