John Darbyshire had some eloquent words today:

Nineteen sixty-seven, Detroit; 2020, Minneapolis. Fifty-three years from now, in 2073, will some other American city be going up in flames so blacks can vent their rage at being a failed race? Will nothing ever change?

Why are blacks so uppity. Let’s go through it and be brutally honest.

Case One: If you are dumber than someone smart, it’s hard for you to recognize it. They don’t know what they don’t have. Their brains for the most part are limited. Empathy, Morality, it’s not so obvious to blacks. Hyper-PsychoPathology – that’s the rule of the day.

Case Two: They were told they were equal. So why don’t they got what Whitey have? Jefferson said “All men are created equal” but he meant MEN NOT KINGS. He didn’t mean Whites and Blacks. No not one bit. Again if they are equal, why don’t they have equal outcomes after TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS SPENT TO LIFT THEM UP and affirmative action and job preference for blacks, free college for blacks, free loans and venture capital for blacks. It’s like winning the lottery to be born black in America today.

Case Three: It started in the K-12 education system. Rather than enforcing rule of law, they passed more and more free rides for out of control blacks. Cause enforcing laws is RACISS. Schools became african jungle war places, places of violence not learning. If they never learned to behave as a kid, of course they wont carry it over as adults

Case Four: No Fathers. They are a people without fathers. No sense of responsibility with the Menfolk, but their welfare dependence makes being married and having a dad around disqualify them from benefits. Even George Floyd didn’t have a wife he had an “ex”.

Case Five: No Respect. Not for others, not for themselves.

Case Six: We let them do it. Whites have cow-towed to violent negros since birth. They get a free pass.

We can change all this. WE can enforce laws for blacks like we do for Whites. It’s just a matter of waking up and doing it.