So many of these dipshit companies are virtue signaling and its puke worthy. Give them a piece of your mind when they do it.

Blacks account for 37% of all arrests or violent crimes, and 53% of arrests for MURDER. As they are only 13% of the population that means that blacks are committing murder more than THREE TIMES the rate that their population percentage indicates (2018 data).


I was shocked to see this in my mailbox. I find it VERY offensive and VERY RACisT.
It’s not only full of  LIES, it promotes hatred. How dare you. 
Why didn’t you send out a letter explaining that Tesa Majors had her THROAT RIPPED OUT by a BLACK hooDLUM or how BLACK on WHITE crime has reached epidemic levels across America. 
Why do you propagate the LIE that Arbery was just out JogginG when there’s video of him casing a construction site. Or maybe we can discuss the recent video of George Floyd dropping drug packets TWICE and trying to hide that from cops?

Or explain that blacks are 22 times more likely to commit MURDER than whitesOr that there are 36,000 black on white rapes every year but only ZERO recorded white on black rapes. Why don’t you list the WHITE VICTIMS of police brutality which outnumber black victims ten to one. 

The Marianne Bertrand and Sendhil Mullainathan resume study was done 17 years ago and only found a 33% bias, which may well be within the margin of error for that study. NOT 2.5x. Another lie. Here is the actual quote from the link you provided:

… racial cues, such as a distinctively African American or Asian name, lead to 30% to 50% fewer callbacks from employers than do otherwise equivalent résumés without such cues
(Bertrand and Mullainathan, 2004; Oreopoulos, 2011; Gaddis, 2015)

and the Oreopoulos study:

The callback rate among Type 1 resumes with English first names and Chinese last names in column 4 (e.g., Allen and Michelle Wang) is 12.5 percent, which is significantly different from the callback rate among those with first and last English names (e.g., John and Carrie Martin), but not significantly different from the callback rate among those with first and last Chinese names (e.g., Lei and Na Li)

Pushing the social justice nute-case bullshit is nothing less of PURE EVIL and it is a LIE. Worse, you take ONE CASE of cop abuse which STILL hasn’t made its way through the courts, and ANOTHER CASE of an arrest gone awry which STILL HASN’T made it way through the courts, and DECLARE that these people did something wrong. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. You goddamn anti-american fucks. LEARN IT. It’s what our nation is FOUNDED ON. But you wouldn’t know that with your libtard commie education would you.

“All victims were Black” IN THE TWO CASES YOU CHERRY PICKED. If you look at all people shot to death in police custody in 2019 MANY MORE WHITES were killed than blacks! YOU ARE GODDAMN LIARS.

“Ahmaud Arbery was shot while jogging around his neighborhood. George Floyd was choked to death in an encounter with the police over a suspect $20 bill. Breonna Taylor was shot in her home while sleeping during a botched police raid. 

Though the circumstances around their deaths varied, there were commonalities. All victims were black. And, until there was outside intervention, no arrests were made against their killers.

In America, black men receive longer sentences for the same crimes1. An unarmed black person is 3.5x more likely to be shot by the police than an unarmed white person2. Using a resume with a white name instead of a black name increases the chances of an interview by 2.5x3