President Trump has reportedly directed the Pentagon to permanently reduce the number of U.S. troops stationed in Germany from 34,500 to 25,000. Germany’s conservatives aren’t pleased with the move, while the country’s left wing parties welcomed it.

Twenty five thousand is twenty five thousand TOO MANY.

Germany has an army last I checked. Why is America still policing the world? From 34,500 to 10,000 I could understand. They still need to man the bases and airports. Pullout takes time. But the tiny reduction is just silly. What’s the point?

How about we pull 30,000 troops out of Germany and another 30,000 out of Korea. Put them on the border at posts one every half mile, with sharp shooters. Anyone goes near our wall, start shooting. No exceptions.

Trump responded “I uh… moved a few troops.. and in uh… five hundred years we will be out of germany.” Sorry I can’t wait that long.