Give work a chance. It’s a noble cause.

For three American races, the effects of welfare has been horrific. A catastrophic blow to the gene pool. Amerind, Black, and Hispanic have all abused the welfare system thinking they had outsmarted the nation taking in false riches for couch warming their derrieres and engordarsi with fritos.

Well the jokes on them because ultimately welfare acts as a dysgenic bomb on the population, freezing darwinian evolution in its tracks. And slowly, one could argue, that evolution is working it’s magic, only evolving towards a slothful non productive creature. Worse, violence culture as the welfare is never enough, and move to illegal activities like drug dealing, prostitution, gun running, and worse.

We call these exhausted races. Its similar to the effect after a war when the best and brightest have been killed off. Or the Long March, where Indians lost many of their best.

But let’s ask the reverse question, if welfare suddenly ended, would they revert back to productive people? How long would that take. Well the first thing to realize is that the phenom genotype of Europanics which excel in cranial functions matched by no other race is simply not going to happen. The genetic path of africans has simply produced a smaller brain with smaller sulci which translates into perhaps only half as many neurons. So they aren’t going to wake up Nikolai Teslas. But, probably within a mere hundred years, a substantial improvement would be seen. The psychopathology would be the fist to get metered out. George Floyd, combatant and dealing drugs and high on drugs, well perhaps his death was darwinian not really anything cops did. So as he went, so would many of the most psychopathological blacks cut off from their sweet welfare and free housing, it would end in gangsterism and higher death rates. A quarter of the on the other side of the spectrum would become engaged in high paying professions, get educated, become entrepreneurs. And probably the middle third would remain poor and struggling, requiring charity to survive. It’s in these tough cases that mandatory reproductive controls should be implemented. They wont ever do that, but they should. Because if they did, in another fifty years the race would be largely reformed and unrecognizable from where they are at today.

You can simply look back to the 1950s and the great performers – Diane Warwick, Nina Simone, Bill Cosby (although a bit rapy he was well spoken) indicate much better the new mean that the race is capable of.

For American indians it would mean setting up industries, casinos, self sufficient solar powered housing, and more to get off the couches and fire water and cheap meth and back among the living. Those who refuse to change should simply be given large amounts of fire water and drugs and left to die.

In 300 years the races may actually evolve positively into fully productive peoples. And just as blacks find a niche in some sports so too would the races find new footing in the things they do best. Instead, we have the genetics simply conforming to the requirements of their life today. No need to work hard or be exceptional, but high payoff for violence and thugg-ism.

Many blacks, Hispanics, and Amerinds escape this welfare cycle already and have very successful lives. But it isn’t just the availability of welfare, they have a genetic disposition to fall apart on welfare in ways that asians and whites do not. One key example of this is r selective breeding – breeding with no regard to resources. Knowing this, a logical political solution would be to invent birth controls which are not so simply switched off, and as someone enters welfare we require they have no more births. Also, the teen high school girl trying to have her 2 – 4 children so they get free housing priority that has to end. There should be no difference in housing, it needs be a pure lottery, single white or black with 19 chillin’. Another issue is that welfare should NOT be better than working. But today it is. Building smaller mini-housing for welfare people, a minimum to keep the rain off and keep warm, needs to happen, not the luxury houses. And get rid of those EBT cards. Double sized food stamps so everyone sees everything you buy something that you are paying for it with THEIR MONEY.

Well one can dream. Since there is no appetite to end welfare we can enact birth reforms and housing reforms so that populations dwindle on welfare, not overrun the nation.

But that’s racist to all races must suffer endlessly and horribly. Welfare can never be withdrawn. What a terrible thing it is when you deny the truth. But that is EXACTLY what Black Lives Matter, or Black Thugs Matter as I call it, does. And in the end, it is the most horrible torturous thing that could be done to a race, to fill it with sniveling self righteous drivel and hopeless uppity-ness. They say they are kept down by racism, the truth is they are kept down by only themselves.