The Merriam-Webster online dictionary first defines racism as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.”

Kennedy Mitchum, who lives in the St. Louis suburb Florissant, said people would argue with her about the definition of racism and she realized the problem was in the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, KMOV-TV reported.

“It’s not just disliking someone because of their race,” Mitchum wrote in a Facebook post. “This current fight we are in is evidence of that, lives are at stake because of the systems of oppression that go hand-in-hand with racism.”

Mitchum was too stupid to suggest a better definition.

Here is the official PatriotMouse definition of Racism:

  1. The use or discussion of distinguishing features of racial differences. This is non-pejorative and not hate speech.
  2. To make a statement about a race which contains an error, in which case, if called a racist, one should reply “what is my error”. If there is no error then it is not a racist (pejorative) statement, it is the first case.

OK let’s try this out.

1) Jews have big noses. Racist?

2) Blacks are dumber than Europanic people. Racist?

3) American Indians can only sleep in Teepees. Racist?

Here are the answers after a break:

  1. Racist? No. It’s true that Jewish people have commonly a hooked nose. non-pejorative.
  2. Racist? No. It’s true on over 100 years of research into IQ and ability that blacks are severely deficient compared to Europanics. non-pejorative.
  3. Racist? case 2 pejorative. Of course AmerInds can sleep in places other than teepees.

So case ONE and TWO are not pejorative racist use, they are simply factual discussion of race. So not pejorative, they are the first case definition.

Case Three is an error. So the error should be pointed out. Rather than simply say “RACIST!” which means nothing, the correct response is to point out the error – “Dude, A whole family of Amerinds lives in a house next to me, they don’t only live in pyramids”

So what about “systemic racism”. It is not a fact. There is no empirical evidence to support it. So if you say there IS systemic racism then you yourself are in error, hence, a RACIST in the most pejorative sense.

So in nearly all cases being “Racist” means you have a non-retarded normally functioning human brain. If you were NOT racist, it might be perhaps because you had lost half your brain in a car accident.

Basically nearly all black people and black lives matter people are utterly hopelessly RACIST in the case 2 pejorative sense because they are in mental error which reality does not support. They claim systemic racism as the reason why they are violent and do not do well in society, when the reality is they didn’t work hard, they weren’t motivated, they didn’t make an effort.

Don’t believe the lies. And know the correct definition of RACISM