These numbers are quite frankly impossible. People are being intentionally murdered in hospitals. Doctors are practicing quackery and refusing to use the therapies known to work. Instead if you go in with a bit of a breathing issue you end up unconscious, drugged, with a tube down your throat UNTIL YOU DIE and then the hospital pockets another fifty thousand dollars. They want to murder you. Stay away.

Meanwhile private intelligent doctors are giving patients Hydroxychloroquine and zinc, or advanced patients direct vitamin C injections. Everyone gets better fast. That’s quack science says the Indian doctor. Vitamin C is a myth says the Indian doctor. “But everyone you put on a ventilator dies, why not at least try it” pleads the nurse. “No no, we might kill even more” says the dumb indian doctor happy with his tens of thousands of murders.

What we do know is that something stinks in the Fauci sick universe. They have a vested interested in pushing the virus Hype. The hospitals have a financial interest to generating MORE covid deaths. They are making 30-50,000 per patient they murder. They have managed to infect tens of thousands of elderly in nursing homes but worse – INTENTIONALLY INFECTING THEM IN HOSPITALS.

The only patient to survive was a drug addict. The coma medicine didn’t work on him because he had built up a huge tolerance to opiods. so he pulled his own tube out. But if you go into one of these places, you will be first LOCKED into restraints, and then ONCE they get a low blood oxygen reading they will knock you unconscious and put you on a forced air ventilator UNTIL YOU DIE. You never wake up.

Here’s something simple they could do right now. Take 1000 dead people – “died of covid” and send in for covid tests anonymously. 100% of them should test positive right? And send in 1000 swabs from healthy non-covid people. I can already tell you the results. The dead from covid people will have a 40% positive result. And the healthy people will have a 40% positive result. It’s a fake test.

Watch the horrific truth as one nurse has the GUTS to break the silence on how healthy patients are put into a coma state and ventilated until they die.

Please PLEASE take the time to watch this video.