While I was quite spot on in the timing of “Rise of the Spiteful Mutants” Buchannan was quite right on the money in his book Suicide of a Super Power back in 2012. But really you didn’t have to be a genius to see that immigration and offshoring manufacturing would doom us. Now our very peoples have switched. Our productive class is outnumbered by the lazy takers.

Buchanan calls out our US manufacturing producing at $20/hr competing against the world producing at $2/hr. Yet when our citizens are impoverished, we don’t see them protesting at the WTO. Instead they burn Wendy’s to the ground.

They know nothing of our peculating ruling class, simply a blind rage that it must be racism, knowing nothing of their own deficiencies nor realizing that whitey is getting destroyed as well.

And where are the protesters at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY? It’s right in lower Manhattan. Loot that! But they won’t. Because they have zero understanding how the kleptocracy of the 0.001% works.

Another thing that’s rarely address is how tough the environment is on entrepreneurs. Very difficult to get cash and startup capital. Money isn’t flowing it’s trapped in fatcat stock buybacks. Which is why the stimulus isn’t working and will never reach main street. herbalife gets millions at zero interest, entrepreneurs get basically nothing at 7% interest if they are lucky.

Our population is getting more violent and more stupid and riots are inevitable. Only a full reform of education and restricting births on welfare has any hope of helping. Freezing all immigration esp that rat fink H-1B fake degree invasion genocide is key, and throwing down that critical end birthright citizenship mis-interpretation.

Until then it’s bitcoin and gold, steer clear of black and democrat run cities, and hope Texas holds five more years.

It’s end game. It’s truly frightening. But I hope you enjoy this interview regardless.

and also the excellent Murray Death of Europe