Thomas Sowell interview believes that geography plays a larger role than genetics in development of wealth. I disagree. He cites cultural pre-requisites as important to obtaining wealth. Sowell as a black American can’t face the genetic differences and genetic potential that is inherent from evolved groups.

“That productivity is a matter of culture” is based on groups arriving in other countries and achieving tremendous success.

But it’s not culture, it’s genetic potential.

“You cannot measure opportunity by outcomes” – brilliant. This is key. We can’t call inner city schools racist and unequal because the students graduating score poorly on tests. We cannot call banks racists for turning down more low income loan applications with low credit scores. But the leftists ALWAYS insist on equal outcomes. Equal outcomes for firemen candidates or police candidates for non-whites, when they can’t pass the tests. Equal outcomes for blacks to get into colleges and to graduate, when they can’t pass the tests.

Sowell always piques our interest. A devout Marxist who sat through Milton Friedman’s classes, he only came to REALITY when doing his own research on sugarcane growth and minimum wages. The facts of the world short circuited Marxism. Sowell and many others do say, Marx is quite appealing as an economist at first read. It’s seductive. Only when the facts of the world intercede and you see that Marxism doesn’t work in the real world due to GREED and PATHOLOGY and SELF INTEREST. Marxism always devolves into a Gangsta State ruled by unelected thugs like Stalin and Castro. The beautiful FAIR society for workers never happens. Capitalism may not be a perfect system, and it favors the rich, but not nearly as much as Communism.