When we look at the broken German people and their push across Europe for massive immigrants from Africa, we see that at its core, its basis is a guilt over a story told to them over what happened in World War II. But they do not know the real story.

The basic premis is that Hitler was a mad dog lunatic who burned six million jews to death after gassing them, and he was a mad dog warmonger hell bent on invading and destroying the world.

So, the problem is that it is a guilt reaction. America has the same issue due to Slavery. But the truth is quite few Americans actually held slaves, and those that did you will see that much of slavery was an exclusively JEWISH movement and profiteering run out of Rhode Island.

And what of the BLACKS who owned slaves – The census of 1830 lists 3,775 free Negroes who owned a total of 12,760 slaves

Neither guilt statement is true at all, yet it plunges nations into self destructive collapse.

Hitler, when we study the truth, shows that his was a response to the gross reparation payments and foreign soldiers abuse of Germany and starvation of his people due to the Hyperinflation that took over Germany due to those payments. Or we can discuss the fact that Hitler fed his starving people, traveling from town to town feeding them. Or that he ended his nations huge unemployment while America mired in the great depression for a decade. Or you could discuss the scant evidence for “the holocaust” or contrast it with the Holodomor OR discuss Hitlers 17 requests for peace with England OR discuss the 3 long years of trying to find a solution to Danzig in poland. Debating endlessly to protect his people from outrageous raping and murders. Was that an evil heart? Far more evil was Americas starvation of captured German soldiers.

These guilt based politics are quite damaging and an utter NONSENSE with no basis in reality. yet, we allow them to DESTROY our nations.

The same is true of the BLM guilt movement. White people are all guilty of blacks poor scoring in society. No it has nothing to do with them being unteachable in school, violent in nature, and endlessly criminal. A terrible damage done to them from welfare-ism. But welfare is like an accelerant , emphasizing the inherent bad qualities which are genetically based. Like pouring water on a Gremlin. Don’t do it!

We need to start speaking the truth to save these people, and to save our nation. We failed to understand Lincoln’s “all men are created equal” not being about slaves, but a callback to Jefferson’s MEN NOT KINGS. We are not royals we are S.NOBS – SIN NOBLIS, without nobility. That was the BEGINNING of the American movement. It was never an argument for egalitarianism but people don’t understand that. King himself argued that people needed to be given equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. Yet we hear so many argue Oh blacks suffer from the poor state of schools in inner cities. But Blacks CAUSED THAT POOR STATE. They are not some innocents.

We more farther and farther from truth and responsibility and further towards true racism, anti-white racism.

Our nations will die if we continue.