The huge thefts of trillions in 2007 are being repeated in the horrors happening in 2020. And normally you’d go OK well whatever, life continues.

No. This time it’s different.

You see, with the fed buying 100% of our government debt, the shadow game is revealed. We are only NOT money printing exactly, when foreign governments buy our debt. But their appetites are full. and now….

Saudi Arabia has walked away. This is big because the dollar-petrol index is based on Saudi Arabia pricing in oil, then reinvesting by buying US Debt. No more.

What does this mean? It means the 1970s are coming and the high interest Volker years are coming as well. First we will crash, then interest rates will spike, in a desperate plea to push back on inflation. Except, this time, it won’t quite work as expected.

Because our debt is so enormous, the federal government simply will NOT allow interest rates to rise. So instead we become a closed loop system, the debt only bought by the fed itself (the private banking cartel that creates our money as debt). The Grifters at the fed don’t care, they can continue to offer sweetheart deals to their cronies. So instead of direct interest rate inflation, the dollar will get hammered in the currency exchanges. At first, this will seem like a boost, except that we don’t really manufacture anything anymore. So that will cause all our chinese goods to cost more, perhaps ten times as much. So that means inflation. They will re-write the rules so they only officially track the inflation on jujubees, those too hard to chew candies good for a movie cause they last.

Long story short, dark times. It will effect the lower and ex-middle class the most, causing more riots and looting. Eventually a strong ruler will emerge, and the new age of war will arise.