Two problems here.

  1. Female cops are utterly useless
  2. Blacks THINK if they just pull out a cell phone and scream “I didndunuffins” that they get off scott free. His brother couldn’t believe when they didn’t listen to them speaking truth to power.

Everytime a cop goes to cuff a fat black women another black starts shrieking “SHES PREGNANT” and everytime they go to use a taser the black goes “I have a heart condition”. Shrieking ensues. The girl turns out to be just fat not pregnant. The male turns out not to have a heart condition, instead they have a they molested too many little girls condition.

Of course blacks get uppity. UP IT TY! But they also seem to have no sense of normalcy when fitting into Eurpanic society, as this clip shows

Finally US Rebel comments:

“BIack Iives matter” is a deceitful phrase. Implies bIack Iives don’t matter to Whites/US Gov/cops. In reality, no groups have done more for BIacks than these. Implies bIacks need special attention from now on. Is phony, because we know bIack Iives don’t even matter to bIacks.