It’s predictable. It’s a script. It’s blacks playing whites a million times over. They always get off scott free. They never EVER suffer not even one tiny bit for doing it.

Blacks are MAD at NASCAR, a mostly WHITE experience. Well they ain’t letting NASCAR off without paying BLM millions in reparations for… err.. WAIT WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING !

But on it goes. Don’t fall for it. It’s always the same, a video catches a black puting a noose somewhere. Or a jew starts painting swastikas. It’s endless now. Only an idiot is fooled.

but they all groveled and begged to BUBBA a quadroon black. They did this BEFORE the investigation was completed. And now, realizing it was all over a garage door pull not a noose, ONCE AGAIN, they look like IDIOTS.