A pushy black goes into a restaurant with a megaphone and a bat. Refuses to leave. Police teach him about reality.

Sadly, the prolonged arrest was due to the female worthless police officer. Ugh. What a disaster. They couldn’t even get the cuffs on him. So they put him in the police car and he just runs out the other side <face palm> ugh.

well… still its good to see him get put in his place after threatening white people with a bat and screaming at them. For some reason they think they have the right to do this. THEY DO NOT. “I was just speaking truth to power!” of course he will be let go. Maybe they can tase him or something while he’s trapped in the back.

and lest you think these violent savage blacks have changed one bit, try not to vomit as a swarm of them gang up on a solitary white (typical modus operandi) and BURN HIM WITH ROMAN CANDLES. Sorry, this isn’t just culture or welfare, this is GENETIC AGGRESSION.