The Minneapolis City Council on Friday unanimously approved a proposal to change the city charter to allow the police department to be dismantled, following mass public criticism of law enforcement over the killing of George Floyd.

The 12-0 vote is just the first step in a process that faces significant bureaucratic obstacles to make the November ballot, where the city’s voters would have the final say.

And it came amid a spate of recent shootings in Minnesota’s largest city that have heightened many citizens´ concerns about talk of dismantling the department.

“This is important, this is about speaking truth to power about systemic racism that has kept the black man down for too long” said Shifty McSimms, a death town resident.

We tried to interview others, but they were all running out screaming “Dang I’m gettin me dat PUSSHAY TIME TO GETS DAH PUSSHAY!”

and that was that. Large caravans of U-Hauls could be seen streaming out as the whites left the city.

“Ain nevah gonna bes duh same” said Shifty, a tear going down his cheek.

“Why Shifty? We thought you needed to speak truth to power” we replied.

“Well at first thoughts that, but when whitey goes, so does the money”