I was dating this great girl, her name was jessie. She had amazing nipples. When I finally got her in the sack I realized they were just the ends cut off of onions. I wondered why she always had that onion smell.

It’s like that with justice Stevens. Seems like a republican, nominated by a conservative, yet he’s got an oniony smell of liberal. He doomed us to Obamacare with his vote, and now he’s done it a second time. Is it any wonder Trump waits on birthright citizenship until Gins goes her way?

Now the DACA vote is very important.


What it means is that ANY president can issue an illegal executive order, and the next president cannot change it. Obama had ZERO authority to give amnesty to DACAns yet he did it. Trump went to rescind it and Ah aha AHHH Supreme court says you can’t do it. The reason? He didn’t follow the process to rescind benefits. Who gave them benefits? The trator states like California of course.

It’s an interesting decision because it means the rule of law is abolished. You worry about Chaz / Chop but I think what the supreme court did is far more frightening.

It means we have just entered the Kali Yuga, the upside down dark age. The virus is a perfect pre-amble to it all. This means end times.

It’s a truly frightening decision with no basis in law whatsoever. It’s pure lefty-ism and greed and the left doing absolutely whatever it takes – faking ballots, faking elections, impeachment, and now, even fake votes on the supreme court – to seize power and destroy the last semi-free nation left.