Cecil Rhodes was pretty much the guy who made south africa what it was under white rule – a very successful nation. They pulled his statue down in 2015. It’s a telling tale. He created the mines out of wasteland that made the nation RICH. Then blacks from failed black countries PILED IN and demanded mORE MORE MORE! Cause… feelings.

When the crane removed the Cecil Rhodes statue, it was a huge victory for black South Africans fed up with a lack of education and job opportunities more than 20 years after apartheid ended.

“We finally got the white man to sit down and listen to us,” said a student who had campaigned for it to be taken down. Some were chanting “one settler; one bullet” – a sign that anger could boil over if the lives of black people do not improve.

Rhodes was a sickly child. He was sent to South Africa by his family when he was 17 years old in the hope that the climate might improve his health. He entered the diamond trade at Kimberley in 1871, when he was 18, and over the next two decades gained near-complete domination of the world diamond market. His De Beers diamond company, formed in 1888, retains its prominence into the 21st century. Rhodes entered the Cape Parliament at the age of 27 in 1880, and a decade later became Prime Minister. He oversaw the formation of Rhodesia during the early 1890s.

One of Rhodes’s primary motivations in politics and business was his professed belief that the Anglo-Saxon race was, to quote a letter of 1877, “the first race in the world”. Under the reasoning that “the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race”

Blacks in America also complain that somehow they lacked education due to systemic racism because they come out so stupid. What if the reason is the blacks THEMSELVES. Naw, couldn’t be. Must be whitey oppressing them with tons of money thrown to their schools, endless funding for all black colleges and tons of free scholarships for dim students. Hmmm.

American blacks who rejected “acting white” and instead became crack dealers and never bothered to work hard or study complain that they are “discrimiated agains”

Whites do not protest genetic discrimination when we don’t get into the NBA with million dollar salaries, yet Blacks seem to be able to protest when they lack the magnificant europanic brain. Is that fair?

Nelson Mandela began black rule of South Africa in 1994 and they are STILL BLAMING WHITES TWENTY SIX YEARS LATER.