Remember the HIV scare? The tests were fake then also. They never isolated the virus in the titre of dead patients. Several books were written how the tests were instead mapping to a harmless retrovirus which had been with humans thousands of years. The “antibody” virus this time around might be matching with anything. If we have the gene sequence of the “virus” then only a titre and gene sequencing would be a valid test.

And the hospital quackery testing over and over and over on the same dying murdered patients is abominable. Each test = $50,000 for the hospital. CHA-CHINGO!

let’s look at USA vs. Europe. Clearly something is very different and it’s the tests not the people. IS this open fraud and fakery or do the American tests stink? Looks like it’s the American tests have ridiculous numbers of false positives. Have they been tested at all? Never publically discussed.

It’s so mad that in texas now face masks are $1000 fines if caught without? Is this TEXAS? Where is the public debate. Why does no on get to present the OTHER side which is the LIES about the increased numbers and the MURDERED patients being counted as deaths.

Sadly Texas has fallen.