You don’t deserve shit. You ain’t got shit cause you didn’t do shit. You only deserve what you yourself produce. Your future is your own responsibility.

That won’t sit well with the new commies educated by hippo leftist teachers who queef limburger cheese.

No instead they deserve handouts, free college, free healthcare, free housing, free food, free cell phones, and on it goes. All paid for by a shrinking middle class. It’s a death spiral fueled by hispanic invaders ripping off welfare while papa mows lawns, blacks who riot if they don’t get their loot and are surprised when their most violent class has bad encounters with poilice from da hood, and the huge number of europanics who just say screw this madness and go on disability and fentanyl.

This is all a society deeply damaged and broken, and it was the siphoning of peoples dollars, and debt, that then went INTO universities giving them massive endowments and a system where no one can be fired and now theres tons of money for lesbian gender opacity studies and black power in the age of cyber-cinema. Lawd help us. 90% of it is make – work for people who are dumb and will get make work jobs and it will SEEM like people are working and the country is working but IT IS ALL A FRAUD.

It is a cult of non-producers in a state of non-production and eventually the dollar spirals its death and gold goes up even with massive market busting by the FOMC and eventually the currency exchanges will reset our monies value.

Jenny sits with her sign saying she DESERVES, instead she needs to get out and do some HARD WORK. I suggest construction. Maybe she can work a jackhammer for 12 hours a day breaking up CHAZ and then scrub it with bleach.

thus spake the patriotmouse