They spoke “Truth to Power” over “Systemic Racism” which they have NEVER IN THEIR LIVES EVER EXPERIENCED. No matter, it felt GOOD.

NIMBY is rife with truth today as immediately after the BLM LOONIES screaed at the Mayors house CHOP was given the CHOP the next morning. The summer of love is over. Memories. I met a hippie girl and she let me put my hand under her sweater while we smoked pot in the lush tall grass. It was the new summer of love for those who weren’t there to march in selma and with king. and it was beautiful.

Cept Six people got shot and two died! That wasn’t the turning point though, it only got shut down when it came to the mayors house. The mayor was so incensed she called for the expulsion of city council woman KSHAMA “KIZZIE” KAWANTA-a-ha-ha. er Sawant. Sorry watched too much Terrance Popp lately. Anyways it went largely like this – Sheesh what a mess! Remember how CLEAN things were after the Unite the Right candelight vigil? Not CHOP baby, looks like a bunch of gorillas and hyenias were living in their own filth for months. It’s gonna take a lot of bleach to get this right again. A whooooole lotta bleach.

CHOP never became the gleaming city on the hill it was supposed to be. Maybe given more time and more shake downs of Targets for Millions it could have been better. But they just took the money and spent it on cocaine, AKs, and HOs. Maybe some HO-HOs too. In the end, CHOP was just a large homeless camp of great unwashed. They don’t know how to build anything, they can only destroy. And that is their great undoing. They rail against a society that gave them absolutely everything for free – 10 Trillion worth – and complained it was not enough. Maybe it’s time to take the goodies away?