“People missed their GRINDR hookups, there was a gap in the marketplace” said SafeGrind CEO Deborah McPatton. “The solution? GrindUp, a hotel for amorous couples in the age of covid”

It’s the only meetup space for social distanced SEX in the age of covid. Each couple simply walks into a giant latex tube from each side and when they meet in the middle they are free to grind against each other freely and safely with no risk of contracting the disease.

“Covid isn’t going away, our high tech solution ensures your safety” said McPatton.

Since the NIH has established guidelines that count the sniffles and common colds as covid, our covid numbers are projected to only increase for the next 20 years.

The cost however is still quite steep – running over $500 dollars for each jaunt. Why is it so expensive?

“We have to replace the body condoms after each use. We also have to pipe in oxygen. It’s a complicated process. We see it as a premium product”

The hotels have opened in Amsterdam, Tokyo and London so far and are fully booked out for months.