They were just two good ol boys… didn’t meanin no harm… but they finally came for them at a museum that showed the last remaining General Lee dodge charger with the confederate flag on it.

The director of the Volo Auto Museum in Illinois told the Daily Herald newspaper of Arlington Heights, Ill., that the car won’t be removed from display.

“We feel the car is part of history, and people love it. We’ve got people of all races and nationalities that remember the TV show and aren’t offended by it whatsoever. It’s a piece of history, and it’s in a museum,” director Brian Grams told the newspaper.

“That car is racist, rapacious, repugnant, revolting” said Pastor Tommy Williams. “It’s celebrating the enslavement of black people”

Acquired in 2005, the car is the last remaining 1969 Dodge Charger from the first season of the show, according to the museum.

Maybe Roscoe P. Coltrane (the evil sheriff) can celebrate finally, but Ben Jones, who played Cooter and became a US Congressman (thats how much the show was loved!) might have somethin to say about it.

The confederate symbol is actually a symbol FOR states rights and the actions Lincoln took were ILLEGAL at the time. Before Lincoln we were a confederation of states, hence the confederate flag. After Lincoln we became slaves to big government with states rights always subservient to federal even on issues not in the constitution. Freeing the slaves CAME AT THE COST OF ALL OUR ENSLAVEMENT TO BIG GOVERNMENT.