So it went something like this. I went on and on and on and on at length about all the fraud at every level with covid – fake tests, fake hospital deaths, the presumed covid documents, everything.

She replied “Well my friends mom died of covid”

I asked a few questions. Turns out she was 66 years old and tested positive then went back home. No symptoms. Then she died.

“maybe she died because she was old?” I asked

“66 isn’t old!” she stammered

“YES IT IS!” I replied. A lot of people die at that age just don’t wake up one morning. Sure AVERAGE life expectancy is 76, but by 66 you are definately in the endgame. Throw in too many fritos and its not likely you will make it.

It’s a sad script. Fake tests that return 30% positives on sterile never used cotton swabs. Hospitals lying and calling deaths covid even with ZERO positive tests. Hospitals taking healthy people and murdering them via intubation. Its scary. I’m not going near no hospital no matter HOW sick I get. Not knowing they pocket 50k if they can kill me.

And here’s a favorite game. Hospitals take their one real COVID patient who tests positive, and then test them five times a day for a month. That’s 150 new positive cases of covid according to the CDC. The hospital then puts fake names on the tests and marks them all dead. That’s 150 X 50,000 = $7,500,000.00 for ONE PATIENT! can you say CHA-CHINGO!

And then the revelations that the covid counts are based on “presumptive” cases as directed by the NIH – sniffles, cough, thats covid. Says WHO? err .. I mean who. Add 15 cases for each positive just … well just cause we want to defeat Trump and extend the shutdown forever. Italy and Spain are now down to near ZERO CASES. Only because of all this CHEATING are the numbers exploding in America. What ‘s the truth? Well they can’t murder and fake that many deaths, so whats the death count look like? In the USA it’s practically gone down to zero. Sure some healthy people still get put on intubation and murdered. Others die of natural causes, heart attacks, or are smashed by cars and called “covid deaths” just because the fake test tells them so.

It’s time to start TESTING the TESTS. Has anyone thought to do it. Donald Trump are you LISTENING!

I know, because they did the SAME THING with the AIDS SCARE in the 80s. The tests were fake, the “treatment” murdered people including the lead singer of Queen (they didn’t cover THAT in the MOVIE!) and noone ever came clean or was charged. Gallo walked away with billions for fake tests and everyone laughed.

don’t be fooled again said the WHO, errr… the rock band not the dopes who said don’t wear a mask.