Yep another book out. Saving America. It’s got the basics of what we have to do to bring our nation back under control.

A lot of that is fixing our mixed up equality model. Which is to say, everything has been done to produce equality of outcomes, for our best and brightest and hard working AND a similar outcome for lazy slothful degenerate low IQ people.

Pence gave an interesting interview with Brett Bair recently it went something like this:

“Blacks have continued to suffer low performing schools and living in violent neighborhoods”

The Outcomes have been inverted.

The correct way to say it is: “non-Asian non-Europanics continue to destroy schools they make up the majority in and perform terribly, and the same group produces violent neighborhoods wherever they amass in numbers”

Inversion corrected. But Pence feels he cannot speak the truth. WHY! DAS RACISM. DAS RACISM. That’s pretty stupid sounding to me.

So a huge massive amount of spending approaching 10 TRILLION DOLLARS has be forced to try to guarantee equivalent outcomes. That’s COMMUNISM.

Let’s fix things a different way. And no, you don’t have to build a wall around black people. Let’s take education. Education should MOSTLY be done by computers which constantly rank and score how well each INDIVIDUAL is performing. Then, after four or five years, students get separated into PHYSICALLY SEPARATE schools. Four of them. One for the worst students. Who often have violence issues. One for the Average students. Who might bother to learn a little. One for the good students. And one for the exceptional students. Every two years a students record would be reviewed and the top 5% in any one program could with review be promoted UP and the lowest 5% could be promoted BACK.

Each school will be set up with curricula and teachers and security forces that MATCH the student body. Rather than DESTROY the education experience for ALL HARD WORKING BRIGHT STUDENTS, instead, allow these flowers to flourish and grow and pluck the weeds into their own school of chaotic anti-learning thuggery. So be it, it is what they have themselves chosen. You cannot call that racist.

Instead we hear “SCHOOL CHOICE” which is the thuggiest of students demanding entry into the few schools which are mostly Asian and Europanic children, to disrupt and destroy their education there. Horrible!

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