I started to puke so hard chunks came out my nose. Trump has now fulfilled all his betrayals, there is simply NOTHING left he can do. We will abandon him in the Fall at the voter roles. We voted him in to STOP Racism and Invasion, and he goes and does just the opposite – rewarding invaders with more money, some easy payola for the head of Goya and other spanish people to sit on the “council” and more dollars for Hispanics.

Nothing more for Italians or German Americans. Nope, we will still be taxed to pay for our own displacement by invaders. That’s what trump ran on in 2016 right?

 U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s Executive Order establishing the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative:

“President Trump promised to support American workers of all backgrounds [so why has he just broken that promise by signing a racist bill only for Hispanics], and to open new pathways to good paying careers. This Executive Order, establishing the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, will expand access to education and the skills needed to work jobs in growing sectors of the economy.” said Scalia.

Hmmm. That sounds HORRIFIC! Where’s the race blind “I have a dream” society? Gone.

Amelda Martinez said “With this bill we will establish billions in aid to educate and provide for newly arrived Hispanic immigrants”

Yep. Ahhh Yehp.

So now the big question. Who ya gonna vote for in November? Me, I’m just sitting this one out. So much for Steve Miller saving us.