It used to be we were terrified of kids who can’t read. And in most schools with large non-Europanic non-Asian populations, the majority of those kids never learn a damn thing. They can’t read NOR can they do simple math NOR can they write. Total Failures. But they make damn sure the WHITE children learn that they are HATEFUL RACISTS guilty of the sins of their grandfathers and they will encourage all the black and mexican kids to HATE HATE HATE. 20 years later we get Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

This should be troubling to just about all parents, but it isn’t. Black parents get a REASON for Sambo’s failure in school – its SYSTEMIC RACISM. And later when he becomes a THUGEE inspite of free college and free undeserved jobs, it’s STILL systemic racism and HATE that has held dear Sambo back. He was an aspiring athelete and rap star when his cocaine deal when bad and he was gunned down in the hood.

Why are schools in BLACK AREAS terrible for students? Because they are full of BLACK PEOPLE! DUH! It has nothing to do with dollars spent, in D.C. they spend over $30,000 dollars on each pupil each year. An outrageous HUGE sum of money. Still they can’t read or do algebra. Why? “Studyin is White shit” says the junior thug waiting for his testosterone to hit enough to make him a menace while still being under 18 so he can’t get locked up for crimes. IT’s called the magic year. Blacks know about it.

The horrible who push this should be rounded up and pushed off a glacier in Antarctica.

Instead, nearly ALL the schools in America have DIED producing an IMBECILIC progeny of dumb shits.

Send your children to them at total risk to their physical and mental well being.

It’s like a black puts on the sunglasses from “They Live” and instead of seeign aliens they see all white people as racist. They see racism everywhere. Why? Because dumb people don’t know they are dumb. So they need a reason to explain why they aren’t doing so well. Well must be racism from whitey.

Doesn’t matter that it ended over 140 years ago. Italians and greeks were rounded up and put into slavery by muslim hoards by the millions cause the arabs found their own wives too ugly. But Italians never demanded reparations for slavery. Italians ALSO suffered discriminatory laws jsut like Jim Crow. Oddly Italians do not riot in the streets and break everything. Why? Could it be that they reject the victimhood socialist commie nutjob religion that the lefties push today?

There is SO MUCH money behind this “teach whities they are racist” that they printed a FULL MAGAZINE distributed with the New York Times to push the 1619 project. When whites call out their BULLSHIT they call it “old soup warmed over”. No its hateful BULLSHIT. Blacks should bow down and LICK THE ASSES of all white Americans GRATEFULLY for freeing them from horrific Africa, Freeing their ancesters from slavery, AND giving them free education free college and free jobs they come no where deserving. Instead whites get HATE for the 10 TRILLION spend on these useless eaters. It’s time to stop ALL OF THAT if this is the gratitude we get.

“The sixth episode, “The 1619 Project’s Fake History”, covers the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project. Directed by Nikole Hannah-Jones, the project attempts to reframe our understanding of American history by alleging the central event in the founding of the United States was the first importation of enslaved Africans to Virginia in 1619 and not the Declaration of Independence in 1776. The project has been notably criticized by esteemed historians for its factual errors. Despite this, schools across the nation have embedded the 1619 Project into their curriculums, perhaps endangering our nation’s understanding of its founding for generations to come…”

Over 3,500 publicly funded schools in America push this GARBAGE.


“The 1619 Project—the New York Times Magazine’s ambitious special issue arguing for an expanded 400-year history of America centering the story of slavery and its repercussions—has apparently made many leading conservatives very angry. My colleague Ashley Feinberg has assembled a summary of their reactions, from (she paraphrases) “It makes me feel bad about my country” to “Everybody’s already heard about slavery.” It’s a veritable panoply of pique.

The backlash is … interesting … to watch, but it’s worth noting that this is old soup, warmed over. After Jamelle Bouie (who has a great essay in the 1619 Project on racism and anti-democratic thinking) and I published our Slate Academy podcast project on the history of American slavery in 2015, we assembled a taxonomy of the negative reactions we received. I spied some familiar statements in the conservative backlash to the Times’ effort. Ilya Shapiro: “Slavery is a human sin, not a uniquely American one”; Erick Erickson: “The Times … minimizes or undermines the cost white people paid to free slaves”; Newt Gingrich: “Slavery was AND IS terrible (there are slaves today who need liberating).”