Sometimes when it’s late, i do miss having a lovely next to me. But they’ve poisoned the well. There are so many horrors about trying to date/find/keep a wonderful gal these days that it’s basically impossible. Not only are the women no longer there, but the dangers of marriage and divorce rape make the thought of having a little family too dangerous.

We have to remember, having children and fashion spending wives puts you on the treadmill endlessly. Suddenly you need to work the job that expects late hours. Lone days. Weekends. And suddenly you’re burned out and funding the middle class life ends up with the men destroyed.

But if you don’t have families you should focus on being a creator. It doesn’t matter what you create. But that’s what your life is for – to add to society. Movies, sonnets, inventions, cars, whatever you create, make it awesome.

Being a family man is kinda cool but they wont have the time to be a creator. So do what you do well. What your special abilities allow. And maybe find some pink haired feminist at the democratic rally and enjoy some slap and tickle every now and again.

In the past, creators like Einstein (who was a fraud) had his wife do ALL the housekeep and child rearing. Tesla never married. Neither did Sir Isaac Newton. Nietzsche was never married. So while we re-adjust to the new MGTOW reality, remember, unmarried your options to create are wide open, not so much married with children. Worse, if you suddenly find yourself married with four kids, a fat wife who hates you and doesn’t respect you, and forced into a terrible job that you can never leave (corporations LOVE married men) why would any sane man want that?