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So Jessie James left Sandra for a tattoed trollup but that didn’t stop Sandra from having 2 bouncing bundles of joy, negro bundles that is.

What is this weird preference for black children? I hear when you go to adopt children they tell you you don’t get to chose the race, and since 70% of America is still white you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting a white one. Nope! They give the white wimminz negro children intentionally. Bullock didn’t get one negro and one white? NO! She got TWO Negro children.

It’s like they want to stuff a dirty diaper in your face and say “My shit dont stank smell it smell it deep! Or are you rACISS????”

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Yah. Well. Piss of I’d walk out if they handed me negro babies and started with their “Oh isn’t they so cute” routine. Uhm no. I don’t find them cute. Not one bit. I am genetically disposed to raise my own people my own kind.


Whatever it is its right. What the hell is wrong with all these leftie hollywood types. It’s like the underground railroad of negro babies.

Sandra threw her life away and failed to have children when she could have, now she’s just a triple chin’d dried up prune that requires a few gallons of makeup to keep appearing in movies.


Uhm no. It’s putrid. Revolting even.

“Here’s your THIRD baby hon” says the nurse.

Dear god another turdmuffin. Why are they always turdmuffins!

Because blacks breed indisciminately without any care in the world. Their smaller brains and lower IQs makes them live without any future thoughts or consequences. That is the white moms burden. To care for their babies when they are feminista washed up rejected whores. For the rich moms they get to “pretend” they are mothers and help the destruction of their race. It’s a WIN-WIN !

Actually the data tells another story. Only 9% of adopted children are black. The vast majority are whites and asians. And the people who adopt are OVERWHELMINGLY WHITE. So multiple black children indicates a preference, no a NEED for blacks in your life. How can she score her social justice points without them!

So white families can fulfill all their adoptive needs just by adopting white hispanic and asians. But not in Hollywood. Nope. They MUST BE BLACK. It’s odd really.

Sandra breathes deeply into the diaper and inhales. Ahh turds again. Seriously don’t most people find this FRIGHTENING? It’s shocking. IT’s happening all over leftist mental cases, but even more so, Bill deBlasio, George Lucas, even Bowie went for a negress. I don’t disparage people from choosing the mates of their choice, but wasting a high society white household on black children who will most likely kill and eat their parents is just … a waste. Hope the SJW brownie points was worth it Sandra.

People who do this actually are the most racist of all, they see black children as “white mans burden” and think that only THEY can raise them up out of their debilitating blackness. Not exactly Martin Luther’s dream.